Should councils be fined £5,000-a-day for leaving roadworks unmanned?

27 January 2016

road works Are you absolutely pig sick of roadworks? Are they a blight on your very existence? Well, someone's come up with an idea that councils should be fined £5,000-a-day, if they leave roadworks unmanned. This means that roadworks will be done over the weekends as well, but someone's clearly thinking of getting rid of needless road jams.

It isn't just councils - utility companies could also get slapped around with big fines for doing the same thing, leaving road works in place while no-one is actually working on them.

Now, there's already daily fines of £5,000 in place, for roadworks that overrun, however, this could now extend to those who leave temporary traffic lights somewhere, after a job has been finished, according to the Department for Transport.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "I want to deliver better journeys for drivers. Roadworks can be essential but that doesn't mean they should be in place any longer than is absolutely necessary."

"That is why I am looking at proposals to reduce queues and make drivers' lives easier. These common sense measures will be a welcome relief to those trying to get from A to B on our local roads. Over Christmas we were able to lift a massive number of roadworks on trunk roads, but this package of measures will benefit drivers all the year round."

Now, drivers will no doubt be thrilled at the prospect of the UK's roads getting fixed up, and in a more timely manner too - however, while collectively, we're already paying for the repairs through taxes, if any jobs result in fines, surely we'd collectively end up having those passed on to us as well?

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  • Wonkypops
    Why fine the councils? The work is late because of Utility companies or private firms who won the tender, but then failed to deliver. No council anywhere in the country has their own department of Works anymore- surely it's the Utility and private sector companies who need fining, not the councils who trusted them to deliver on time? £5000-a-day fines for councils seems like the best way to screw up any council's spending plans for the year ahead- it would be much cheaper to not fix the roads and get sued for damage to tyres and suspension, than to fix the roads and get fined for some other idiot not finishing on time. And no, councils would not be able to counter-sue the firms for each £5000 fine, it's not in their mandate or spending capacity to do so. Can't we fine Transport secretary's £5000 for every stupid word that comes out of their mouths?
  • Ian
    Yes, because there's absolutely no way the councils will pass the fines onto their constituents, oh no... What a stupid, moronic idea.
  • Father J.
    "Can’t we fine Transport secretary’s £5000 for every stupid word that comes out of their mouths?" I like this idea better.

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