Shock as British motorists pay more in fuel tax than in any other European country

fuel gaugeIt's long been the case, but it still sticks in the craw. Basically, taxes and duties account for 60 per cent of the price of unleaded petrol and 58 per cent for diesel, which is the highest percentages in the Europe. Fantastic, eh?

In short, it means that Britain is the most expensive place in the EU to buy diesel and the eighth costliest for unleaded. If you want to be jealous of someone, the lowest unleaded tax rate is in Cyprus AND they get nicer weather.

These official figures come on the back of Chancellor George Osborne refusing to cut fuel duty in next month’s Budget, basically saying we can't afford to lower the price. That'd be 'us' who are being royally shafted every day, rather than the 'us' that sit in parliament not worrying about such things.

Right on, etc.

Philip Davies, a Tory backbench MP who obtained these figures, said: “Fuel duty is already too high and hard-pressed families can’t afford to pay even more. The Government’s debt crisis was caused by spending being too high, not taxes being too low and therefore the solution to the problem is for the Government to cut its spending – not to kick people in the teeth with higher taxes.”

British drivers are hit hard on fuel thanks to VAT being applied to the cost after fuel duty has been added, which essentially means that drivers are getting taxed on the tax you've already shelled out for.



  • dvdj10
    Only 8th for unleaded? Surpised at that, got the table? Who's paying more than us?
  • Ben55
    Hmm not really a shock, more of a reminder of how narrow minded the government is using British drivers as a cash cow!
  • RnRiot
    And what are we gonna do about?............Nothing, we are the best at sitting back and taking a slap in the face.
  • dai
    "The Government’s debt crisis was caused by spending being too high, not taxes being too low" I think he means bailing out their mates in banks and running illegal wars. However, in that lower fuel duty might promote economic expansion, he's got a point. Which he helpfully undercuts by suggesting that cutting government spending, which will have a massive impact on the private sector. TL;DR: Tories are economically illiterate cunts.
  • Mike H.
    And does it stop people driving around in their BMW/Audi needlessly? DOES IT FUCK! You still pump the stuff into your car on a daily basis and moan about how expensive the stuff is. Fucking idiots.
  • Alex B.
    Personally, I'd rather the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) was reduced to a nominal fee for checking that keeper documentation, MoT and insurance were in place, and fuel duty increased such that it would be cost neutral for a vehicle that achieves, say 30 MPG and does 8000 miles per year. That way, if one owns a vehicle that only manages 20 MPG, but you only drive 2000 miles per year, you're better off than paying £245+ per year for supposedly emissions-based VED. Meanwhile, the person who drives 20000 miles per year in their hyper-efficient Smart car pays rather more than they do at the moment. After all, it's the total emissions that matter, not the rate of emissions.
  • klingelton
    As of this month, i can no longer afford to put go-go juice in my car. My car is going and I am switching to peddle power. How long before the UK looks like Beijing?!

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