Shell show off ultra-efficient car

Shell Car

While you might know Shell as an oil company, they've been at the drawing board and coming up with a car of their very own.

They recent showed off their new, ultra-efficient city car, which opens up at the front like those funny old bubble cars.

Shell reckon that this little motor uses up to 34% less energy over its life, compared to a normal car. Handily for Shell, they've also designed this car to run on some prototype oil which Shell have manufactured especially for this vehicle.

The concept car is designed by Gordon Murray, and thanks to having experience in F1, Shell have made this super-light, with 3D printed parts and recycled carbon-fibre.

In short, this car weighs 550kg, which is ridiculous. You and a mate could probably steal one of these by picking it up and putting it into the back of a transit van, not that you should.

So, as for fuel efficiency, this car can do 38kmpl, and has 28% lower emissions than your normal car, and can rack up over 70kmph.

Inside, there's a single seat up in the front, and two in the back. As ever, there's an app for the car as well, should you want to be completely in tune with it.

Have a look at this video. You might want to give it a paint job.

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  • Breadman

    38kmpl equates to roughly 107mpg, for those that still work in old money (i.e. everyone).

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