Save money on petrol

Save money on petrol

The cost of petrol is a constant blight for motorists, but there is a way of shopping smartly, to ensure you're saving money on fuel for your vehicle.

The AA have come up with some tips, which basically equate to 'make sure you buy your petrol from a supermarket'.

Prices are 4.8p a litre less for unleaded and 5p less for diesel at supermarket forecourts, compared with other places, and on average, motorists stand to save £1.50 by filling up at the supermarket.

This is according to The AA's Fuel Price Report, where they say unleaded costs 108.52p a litre at Asda and just over 109p at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's.

However, if you're buying fuel at BP, you're paying over the odds at 113.37p, and at Shell 112.98p, and 112.21p at Esso garages.

As for diesel, if you fill up at Asda you pay 108.41p a litre, whereas at BP you pay more at 113.68p a litre.

An AA spokesperson said: “Supermarkets across the board continue to stand out as the go-to source of cheaper fuel."

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