Sales of petrol slump because nobody can afford to drive

Baby You Can Drive My Car, sang the Beatles, but they wouldn’t have been so free and easy with the unleaded these days. In fact, it seems that we’re all keeping our cars chained to the driveway thanks to soaring petrol prices.

petrol pumps

Sales of petrol are at a 23 year low, possibly because going for Sunday drive is more expensive than a box at the opera. 1.37 billion litres was sold at UK forecourts last month, which is a drop of a staggering 56 million litres compared to February, when the prices went up by 2p a litre.

Sainsburys, Tesco and are offering Petrol Sales at the pumps, taking that all important 2p off and reducing it from £1.36 to £1.34. But even so, the price of petrol is still over the odds for most people.

The industry blames the sky high prices on the cost of oil, obviously, but Luke Bodset of the AA blames the price rises on speculators who bet on the movement of petrol prices.

‘It’s a completely daft situation. Europe has got more petrol than anyone knows what to do with but petrol is still unaffordable for many drivers. People just can’t afford these prices. Our research shows two thirds of people are using their cars less or cutting back elsewhere to compensate for higher prices.’

But the Office of Fair Trading has ruled out an enquiry into petrol pricing, saying that there's little evidence that companies are ripping customers off.

In the meantime, it seems like most of us are hanging up our Magic Trees and going for a walk instead.


  • dvdj10
    Is it not just because people are foulishly buying diesel's when they do 6k a year miles. All to save a few quid in fuel ignoring the extra costs in buying a diesel in the first place as well as added servicing costs and also repairs due to DPF's, DMF's, turbos and high pressure injectors? Retards
  • Mustapha S.
    I like the high prices, means big comfy premium cars are incredibly cheap. You can even get a 10 year old Jag XJ 4.0l V8, or a 7 series, audi a8 or s class for the price of a 12 year old korean shitbox, and because of the joys of the insurance industry, an XJ would cost me the same to insure as a 1.2l corsa
  • shiftynifty
    Fucking car porn....who gives a fuck about people in in london...where unless your a twat don`t need one Oh and Lucy....your still sweet
  • Dr Z.
    Shifty needs to act swiftly and give one to Lucy tout de suite.
  • Captain.Cretin
    BLAME THE PETROL COMPANIES. When nearly 80% of the price is TAX!!!!
  • james
    "who gives a fuck about people in cars…live in london…where unless your a twat …you don`t need one" But everyone in London is a twat
  • chewbaccca
    @Jim You forgot to mention that everyone in London is a foreigner, but twat I do agree with. The fucking morons.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Not just London; I went to Cambridge last week, and about the only people I heard speaking English were an old couple waiting for a bus. To be fair, I must admit that my wife is a foreigner as well.
  • shiftynifty
    Hi James and chewbacca------ hows membership of ukip going....Twats
  • Ting T.
    Yes..Londoners can't afford cars because of the cost of housing. Better to not have a car and risk being stabbed /mugged on the way to work. All Londoners are twats. Apart from Boris Johnson, he's the only sane one there. Waf waf waf waf waf !
  • DragonChris
    And 'Merica still pays jack shit per gallon. Hmmmm. How do we vote to remove the government?
  • Captain.Cretin
    You think the US is cheap?? Try Venezuela - 8p per litre!!!
  • Zleet
    Isn't it speculators driving the prices up? Europe supposedly has a surplus of oil, but its all being bought up to keep prices high.

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