Sainsbury's redesign lorries for cyclists

bike cycling Sainsbury's have redesigned their lorries so that they are now safer for cyclists. Of course, it is obligatory that the mere mention of cyclists should provoke people into shouting incorrectly about road tax and start crying about some of them running red lights.

Anyway, back to the Sainsbury's trucks - the redesigned vehicle will have 360 degree monitors, extra side lighting for road users at night and low side guards.

This all coincides with Boris Johnson's Safer Lorries Scheme, which will see lorries without side guards and safety mirrors banned from the streets of London next year.

Sainsbury’s retail & operations director Roger Burnley said: ‘This is an important step in our work to make London’s roads safer. We’ve put an enormous amount of thought and research into creating a truck that we hope will be the safest on the road – for all road users.”

The new lorry will have enough technology and safety features that it'll make drivers aware of pretty much everything around it, cyclists, pedestrians and other motor vehicles. The side guard extensions and reflective infills will stop cyclists from falling under the wheels and there'll be more indicators along the sides to alert everyone that the truck is turning with increased visibility.

There's also going to be a warning sticker to alert everyone else that they're in the driver’s blind spot.

Speaking at the launch of the consultation, Boris said: "I have long been worried that a large number of cyclist deaths involve a relatively small number of problem lorries which are not fitted with safety equipment. My Safer Lorries Scheme would see those lorries effectively banned from our streets and the lives of thousands of cyclists and pedestrians would be much safer as a result."

"Vehicles that would be affected by this scheme can easily be retrofitted to comply and doing so will save lives. Companies such as Sainsbury's and O'Donovan are already leading the way when it comes to cyclist safety and I urge others to follow suit."

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  • Pie M.
    Ride up the inside of a turning truck or bus=Death. If that's too hard to grasp then you need taking out of the gene pool anyway.

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