Sainsbury's finally drop 33p a minute parking charge

And now, some happy news. Back in September of last year, avid Bitterwallet reader Lynda contacted us after discovering that the oafs in charge of her local Kettering Sainsbury’s car park had gone off their heads and were charging a flat rate of fifty quid to anyone who dared to park for more than two hours. That's 33p a minute maths fans!

Bitterwallet - £50 parking charge at Sainsbury's in Kettering

Naturally, anyone who saw the sign thought the whole thing was utterly bonkers – but now Lynda has observed that the wind of change has swept through that car park and the extortionate charge has gone. And look, see how professional and easy to understand the sign is now! Gotta love those stickers!

sains parking sign

Lord only knows how much customer dissent the original price plan led to but if Sainsbury's hadn’t brought in the madcap scheme in the first place, their customers would have been a damn sight happier and now everyone wouldn’t be looking at a sign that looks like it should be in a skip round the back of the Tate Modern.

Should we be roaring ‘It was Bitterwallet what won it!’ over this one? No, probably not.


  • MayContainNuts
    It states "Maximum Stay 2 1/2 hours" at the bottom - what's the betting there's a £50 clamp removal charge if you stay for 2 hours 31 minutes...
  • kev
    it's their way of having clamping for long-stayers without the cost of staff and the clamps themselves
  • The B.
    Nah, clampers set their own prices and there's no way they'd settle for £50, you'd be looking at £110 minimum.
  • kev
    but anyway if it's only sainsburys, and not an actual shopping centre, most people should be in and out within 90 minutes anyway, I reckon most of the people who would be staying over 2 1/2 hours are parking there all day and going off elsewhere
  • Gunn
    Who takes more than 2 hours to shop? I'm never in there more than 1 hour.
  • Matt
    Same at Bristol Airport short stay car park
  • ScottC
    Its clearly not a parking charge as much as a parking fine for non-genuine Sainsburys customers who go park there, then bugger off elsewhere. In fact the £50 charge is GOOD for the genuine shoppers....
  • Nobby
    Why not show photos of the whole sign so we can understand what happens if you stay longer than the maximum allowed time?
  • :|
    Who shops for over 2 and a half hours? Me. Luckily I neither drive or shop in supermarkets - which allows me to leisurely stroll around the shop, taking my time.
  • Gunn
    I meant 2 hours in a supermarket not any shops :)
  • Jack
    I have never seen a shop charge for parking!

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