Saab file for bankruptcy, so in short, they're officially done for

BUSINESS-US-GM-SAABSo, after a dreadfully sorry time of it, Saab have got round to filing for bankruptcy today after former owner General Motors blocked moves to get funding from potential Chinese investors.

That's nice of them isn't it?

Of course, Saab suspended production in March because it couldn't afford to pay suppliers and on several occasions, reports have stated that wages have been  delayed, with workers currently still waiting for pay that is due from November.

All deals attempted to rescue the company thus far have failed and now, courts receiving the bankruptcy papers have said that any realistic hope of a deal had gone.

So what if you've got a warranty on a Saab car?

Well, according to Saab, "all new Saabs purchased in Great Britain come with a three-year, 60,000 mile warranty." However, there's a worry that these warranties may not be honoured if, as rumours suggest, the company has completely run out of money.

While the UK wing of Saab has said that "customers have nothing to worry about", we feel it would be wise to let you know that Saab GB have set up a customer hotline for those worried about their warranty.

Call 0845 300 9593.

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  • Mike H.
    Call 0845 300 9593... Brr brrr (that's the phone ringing BTW) brrrr brrr... brrr brrrrr..... brrr brrr..... brrr brrrrrr. ..... brrrr brrrrr.....

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