Robot that gets you out of parking tickets

Robot that gets you out of parking tickets

Months old, a robot that helps you fight parking ticket fines has already been used thousands of times, successfully disputing 160,000 fines.

And you may not have heard of it, and you clearly need to. Imagine it as your virtual lawyer, who will help you when you've got a ticket.

It is called DoNotPay, and you can start using it here.

Basically, the bot generates documents and answers any legal questions, and it won't charge you loads of money like a human lawyer will.

How do you use it? Well, once you've logged-in or signed-up, you are faced with a chat window. It will ask you questions in a bid to ascertain what's going on, and then, it'll analyse your answers, and work out if you can appeal or not.

If it decides that you qualify, it'll even generate your appeal letter for you, which you can use in court.

It is a remarkably good system, and one that is being used by more and more drivers all over the world. It has been popular in the States and the UK, and it'll be launching in Australia soon.

Joshua Browder, a Stanford University freshman, who created this, says: "When I first started the site, I sent it around to half a dozen family and friends and it is heart-warming that some many people have since used the site to overcome basic legal issues."

"I realised there is a formulated process for appealing tickets, so I wrote a script that does the same thing and I started winning."

The robot has learned laws about cancelled and delayed flights, as well as helping people with HIV to understand their legal rights too.

Browder is also developing a bot to help refugees: "I also want to help refugees, in the US and UK."

"I have been working with a human right's lawyer for them and these appeals a easily automated, and I know this will make a big social impact."

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