Renault recall 15,000 cars... just in case, honest

renault_logo The fraud squad raided Renault recently, after they were suspicious that the car-maker might have been using the cheat-stuff that got Volkswagen into so much trouble. Renault said that they're guilty of nothing, and are going along with the authorities investigations, because they've got nothing to hide.

All up to speed? Good. Well, Renault are going to recall 15,000 vehicles to check their engines.

Now, they're doing this just to make sure, you understand. Crucially, these vehicles are being checked over before they go on sale, according to French transport minister Segolene Royal. She said that Renault "has committed to recalling a certain number of vehicles, 15,000 vehicles, to check them and adjust them correctly so that the filtration system works" in all temperatures.

This follows Renault saying that they were sorting out their plan to bring emissions down in their cars, after they failed pollution tests, which prompted the raids.

Now, the company's shares are dropping as a result of all this, but the car-manufacturer are very clear that they've done nothing wrong, with their sales director Thierry Koskas saying "very firmly" that "Renault did not cheat". He added: "We are not using any software or any other (fraudulent) methods. In test conditions, we respect emissions norms."

"But when we are no longer in test conditions, there is indeed a difference between real conditions and control conditions, that is a fact."

Are Renault protesting a bit too much and this all seems a bit fishy? Are they just annoyed that Volkswagen have made it impossible for them to go about their usual tests without everyone being suspicious all the time? We'll see, in the coming weeks.

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