Product Recall: Toyota Avensis roof problems

Toyota-Logo_4 Do you own a Toyota Avensis? Well, there's a problem with the roof on some of them, which you'd probably like to know about.

The concern is that the roof window glass may detach.

The problem is that the roof window glass may not have been correctly installed, which means that it could see the glass separating from its frame. Initially this will lead to wind noise but continued use could cause the glass to detach from the frame.

Obviously, that's going to need replacing.

Vehicle Id :

SB1EG76L#0E092401 to SB1EG76L#0E093207
SB1EB76L#0E039561 to SB1EB76L#0E040244
SBTED76L#0E120936 to SB1ED76L#0E124965
SB1EE76L#0E029602 to SB1EE76L#0E029652
SB1ED76L#0E039578 to SB1EA76L#0E040212
SB1EK76L#0E037002 to SB1EG76L#0E037463

You'll need to contact your local dealer and they'll sort you out. Check the Toyota recall site to see if your car is affected, by clicking here. Or you can give Toyota a call on 0800 1388 744

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