Product Recall: Another Honda recall

6 August 2015

Honda After the airbag scandal, you'd think Honda would be getting sick of recalling vehicles by now. However, they've got another one to sort out, this time, concerning some of their motorcycles.

This concerns the following Honda motorbikes: CBR 1000 SAE, CBR 1000 SE, CBR 1000 SAF & CBR 1000 SF.

There's a concern regarding the rear shock absorber, which may fail and result in the loss of the control of your machine.

The recall says: "The rear shock absorber piston rod nut may come loose. The shock absorber performance may be affected, possibly causing a loss of machine control."

So, the recall wants to bring in machines that are likely to be affected and check if they are fitted with an affected shock absorber. Any affected shock absorbers will be removed and returned to Ohlins service centre for counter measure repair.

Vehicle Id :

JH2SC59G7EK100063 to JH2SC59G0EK100390
JH2SC59E1EK400194 to JH2SC59E6EK400434
JH2SC59G1FK200001 to JH2SC59G4FK200249
JH2SC50E2FK500001 to JH2SC59E3FK500122

Check the Honda recall website for more.

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