Porsche 918 Spyder product recall

26 May 2015

Porsche If you're lucky enough to own a Porsche, then here's some rare bad news for you - the German car maker has issued a global product recall of 918 Spyder mobiles, which will need to be taken in for a service shop inspection.

Some of these have already been flogged in the UK, so if you have one, ring your dealer.

This particular recall is to do with the electric wiring harness for the radiator fan (in vehicles manufactured until the end of April 2015) which could be damaged by a carbon-fibre component. It is rather boring, but not something you want to leave.

If you have a faulty car, the wiring harness will be examined and re-mounted in the workshop.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted directly by their Porsche contact partner and the workshop visit will be arranged as soon as possible and, of course, will be free of charge. Your car will be taken in for around half a working day.

This follows a spate of recalls on cars, with millions of Toyota and Nissan motors being recalled thanks to a faulty airbag system, which sees the airbag inflating too quickly and firing out metal shards into the car.

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