Poor drivers being forced off the road by road tax

car crashDrivers are getting a raw deal as it is, with planned toll roads run by retail giants, super expensive petrol and now, plans for a two-tiered road tax that could see poorer drivers being forced off the road entirely.

This new system will see all motorists paying a basic charge to use local roads, but those wanting to use a motorway and major A-roads will have to pay a top-charge. If you try and use major roads without paying extra, you'll have your name called in via automatic number-plate recognition cameras and you'll invariably get points or a fine.

Of course, this means that there will be huge problems with congestion on small roads as people try to avoid motorways and, with smaller roads not nearly as well looked after as motorways, Britain's suspension will be shot in no time.

Paul Watters, an AA spokesman, said: "We do not want a first and second-class system on the roads."

British drivers must think that everything is far beyond parody at the moment and these plans could be disastrous for small businesses who need to travel the length and breadth of Britain for work.

Start throwing yourselves into the road now.


  • Her L.
    Fit a set of Polish number plates and never have to worry about ANPR again.
  • Mustapha S.
    Think its a cracking idea. Hate motorways being used by tools in their poorly maintained Corsa's, or people thinking an MOT is a service. Less cars on the road, the quicker I can blast to my destination. Driving isn't a God given right, if you can't afford it, get a horse. Or walk.
  • Yue
    Sure that's Mustapha and not Bitofa?
  • chewbacca
    Hi yue. Yue (see what I did there?!) must be new here. We all know that mustaphas real name is retarded cretin shit. Obvious really....
  • lumoruk
    A horse would be quite a lot more expensive to have than a cheap run around.
  • Big D.
    Here we go again. Get rid of road tax. Put a few pence on petrol. Instant pay-as-you-go road tax. No need for stupid technology (unless the government is trying to push its big-brother agenda, ahem). AND we save money be getting rid of half the DVLA and their road-tax adverts. AND it's greener - bigger cars drink more petrol.
  • Mustapha S.
    No good Big D. Over next few years more of those awesomely green made-from-rabbit-tears electric hybrid cars will appear, so Govt won't get the same amount of road funding. Road tolls are the way to go, like in France. As long as it makes cyclists pay their share too, I don't really mind how they do it.
  • Seymour
    I agree with raising the cost of driving a motor vehicle, not only does discourage the poor from driving on our already overcrowded roads it will also help put a stop to the ridiculous amount of teenagers driving about drunk and on a drugs. Driving should be a privilege for working hard, achieving your goals and earning your place on the road, not a right.
  • yak
    i didnt think the green / electric cars paid road tax anyway… I'm all for scrapping road tax and putting up petrol
  • I. F.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Boring B.
    It's a great idea. I would much prefer that these non-BMW or Audi driving cunts were off the road, and at home claiming benefits instead. I mean what's the point of getting out of bed if you are just going to drive a Vauxhall that hasn't been serviced for the past 18 months. Or even better, they could fork out £200k on a fucking racehorse and ride it (on the road?) instead, the only tax is on the vet bills and the paddock you require to keep it in.
  • Neil
    Sorry to have to point this out but there is no such thing as road tax, or at least there isn't any more after it was abolished in the 1960's (I think, it was a long time ago in any case). The public highways (contrary to these suggestions) are supposed to be free to use but if you want to own a vehicle and use it you'll need to pay VED.
  • 50%
    We all pay plenty for using the roads as it is, enough is enough, its just another con to screw us out of more money and into the governments undeserving pocket. Don't kid your self on the extra revenue will be spent on the roads, nowhere near what they take in just now goes back into them. I hope Boring Boy is kidding on with that "non-BMW or Audi driving cunts" patter because you sound like an elitist snob, so does Seymour and Mustapha Shit, we all pay for using the roads not just BMW and Audi drivers.
  • Insiduous
    I think we should all pay the politicians, the banks, & civil servants loads more money so that when they retire they can all fuck off to Barbados and become hopeless alcoholics & party till they die idiots. Maybe we can watch them on a TV series called Rich Bastards in Barbados as they spend all the money they ripped off the taxpayers. And then the lovely moment when their brains start to work & they realise they got the whole plan WRONG and that they wrecked a lovely little country. aaaah.. Obviously the roads should only be for the UK elite and the politburo & we will be running round the forests with bows & arrows. (don't mention the b..mbs)
  • Gabriella
    Poor driver's already forced off the road due to "money grabbing" by government from petrol prices and greedy oil companies. Road traffic has fallen by 20 per cent over the last 5 year's according to official figures. Only the rich can afford to use a car, the train and soon even the bus. The rest of us will either have to walk or get a horse.

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