Police start roadside drug testing

young-drivers Planning on enjoying all of the drugs this Christmas? Well, you do what you like, but don't drive, yeah?

The police will be out in force with their roadside teams, with new testing kits to determine whether you're off your nut or not.

The kits were approved by the Home Office last week, and will be put into action over the week ahead to test any drivers they think may be on one, or whatever.

The tests will also allow police to check whether motorists have taken prescription medicines, including strong painkillers, sleeping pills and drugs to treat anxiety, that can impair their ability to drive.

Policing minister Mike Penning said motorists pulled over will not know whether they will be breathalysed, 'drugalysed' or both.

"This is something that has plagued society for far too long. People will have exactly the same view of drug-driving as they do of drink-driving: it is an abhorrent thing to do."

"Not only do you put your own life at risk, but you put innocent people's lives at risk. We will drive this menace off the road."

'Drive this menace off the road'. You see what he did there?

The previous drug-testing situation required the police to arrest suspects and take them down the cop shop to be tested. Now, with a swift swipe of saliva, they can do it on the road. Anonymous/Pirate Party types will no doubt be livid at the notion of the State taking swabs of your spit with all that lovely DNA in it too.

Either way, be careful out there. Or essentially, ask a friend to warn you when you're on your third hour of gurning, and get them to call you a cab.

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  • jim
    how much gangja can you have in your system then? or how much whatever drug? so say you had some the night before - are you still gonna get busted. not that i drink n drive or drug n drive. but there are set limits for alcohol - whats the limit for drugs?

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