Police release footage of tailgater swine

The roads, as we all know, are teaming with arseholes. With that in mind, the police have launched a new road safety campaign in a bid to stop inconsiderate drivers. Operation Safeway looks to target motoring bullies who tailgate and drive too close to other drivers.

They've released a video of some berk in a van who gets as close as 30cm away from the back of an unmarked police car.

Police will employ these cars and motorbikes fitted with video cameras, in a bid to tackle offending drivers, such as the one shown above, who was recorded travelling at 70mph, tailgating like a madman, flashing his lights and taking both hands off the wheel to make 'gestures' at the officer driving the car.

Sgt Simon Willsher from the police said: "Many drivers do not realise that they can be prosecuted for inconsiderate driving when it also careless driving. For example, if someone is tailgating because they aren't paying attention and don't think about stopping distances they can go on a National Driver Alertness Course without going through court or having penalty points on their driving licences."

"If, on the other hand, they are tailgating because they are impatient and trying to bully people out of the way they can be prosecuted for careless driving."


  • Phuck Y.
    BMW/Audi drivers, beware. The police are after cunts like you.
  • Andrew
    I'm just shocked the driver in the video isn't driving a BMW or Audi?
  • Me
    Crash Bang Wallop! What an idiot!
  • Chrispy
    Driver was obviously a prat right from when he first moved into the outside lane then the police took full advantage of that by slowing down and not moving into the middle lane so add the use of these tactics in a bid to get idiots to offend.
  • PCplod
    Would love to have seen the blue lights and it's immediate breaking effect. Natural justice.
  • mikeypop
    Even more than the twuntish driving in this, it always amazes me that people drive about like this in cars/vans with their company name and details splashed all across the side.
  • Brian's U.
    Does anyone know what happened to the van driver? Was he prosecuted?
  • Angry R.
    ...but no one's got a problem with the filth sticking in the outside lane when he could well have moved into the middle/inside lanes? They're called overtaking lanes people, use them for overtaking, not sitting in because it's easier. The rozzers should be pinching middle (and outside) lane hogging bellends, which make everyone else's journeys that bit more delayed as they're effectively making a three-lane M-Way into a dual carriageway and a dual carriageway into a single laner. In fairness, the van driver in the video is a proper primo tool, but is he really any worse than the lame-o no-brain mongs sat in 'their' lanes and not moving over when they should.
  • Captain C.
    The twunk driving the van should get a massive fine, 6 points and be made to take driver awareness and anger management courses before being allowed back on the road. As for the comments about the fuzz pulling over into the middle lane, you cannot see if there was traffic in that lane alongside them, so the comments are basically worthless. As for the driver ACTUALLY being done - the fact that the recording goes on for so long indicates that the fuzz couldnt be bothered to do anything at the time, and it is probably that only a review of the tape by someone more senior has caused it to be publicised.
  • Archie
    He was trying to force the driver over as he wanted to break the 70mph speed limit. Just put black boxes in cars and send the fines via email of any car breaking speed limits or parking where they shouldn't.
  • JonB
    According to the youtube description, the police car was in a line of traffic and couldn't move over due to other cars on the inside lanes. This was on the M25 near Epping, so I could quite believe the road was full of cars. The van driver got a fixed penalty notice for misuse of headlights, which is pretty generous of the police officer if you ask me.
  • give f.
    You could see the van in the middle lane going faster than the police car & disappearing out of view. This is undertaking and also dangerous. I've sometimes been stuck behind an overtaking-lane hogger, and it is very stressful, especially when driving for a living and under pressure from the boss. People should not hog the outside lane. It would stop both these dangerous practices exercised by some less controlled victims of inconsiderate lane hoggers. If you are going after the tailgater, then also go after the undertaker and the lane hogger (even if it is a policeman).
  • Chrispy
    @Cpt Crettin You can see a van undertaking the police car as give a fig points out so your comment (and eyesight) is basically worthless.
  • A T.
    You are teaming with idiots which is why your website articles are teeming with mistakes
  • Avon B.
    Why blur out the company name on the van? Surely we all want to know who it is so we can avoid using them?
  • Captain C.
    If it is the M25, then undertaking is allowed - and a van undertaking would still count as traffic in the middle lane, so how would the fuzz move ?? @Chrispy - your logic is basically worthless; the van doesnt appear to undertake for a substantial number of seconds into the clip; in fact, the offending van driver PULLED OUT from behind the other van to overtake it right at the very start of the clip.
  • ExCrement
    I am a beemer driver but like to think that we are not all twats. Problem is whenever you want to get anywhere you are scupperred by cap wearing middle lane hoggers going out of thier way to run about 10 mph slower than its legal and safe. On another front I have to level about a slight twattish tendency that comes out in certain circumstance. If I want to get to outside lane to overtake at NSL I will pull out no matter what speed I see any A3 or 3series dick head approaching in my rear view. What right do they have to steam roll along. I get great satisfaction in seeing thier irate tailgating...soon stops when I brake sharply.
  • Spencer
    I personally have great fun pulling my handbrake on tailgaters... many is the time I'm doing 80+ and I have a bm or Audi twat who wants to get in my boot... I just gently start pulling the hand brake up.... the brake lights won't come on and they have no idea they're about to have a serious accident until it's almost too late... this tends to cause a very hard brake on their part and they suddenly realise they were within a split second of having a serious and probably fatal high speed collision.... they tend to drop back after. and before anyone starts... I am only ever a dick to people who deserve it. I will always get over when safe to... but it's when you get drivers like the guy in the video who are just total and utter bellends...
  • ExCrement
    Nice one Spencer. Man of my heart.
  • Frank
    Would love to have seen is face when the blues went on.
  • James D.
    I agree the police car should move over, however a person driving inconcideratly is no excuse for endangering other people's lives. Defending his actions is absurd.
  • david
    If I am doing 70or 72 mph in the outside lane, and am passing traffic, no other road user has the right to rail me to either encourage me to speed up or move out if his way, regardless of whether it is safe to move over or not. I agree with the lane hogging thing, but keeping your distance remains a priority. If they're doing 70/72 in the outside lane, why do you need to be going faster? The legal speed limit is 70mph. So back off and maintain 70mph. It's ludicrous. Undertaking is also as bad. Audi drivers think they rile the outside lane. I rarely even use it anymore, especially in the M6 since the time I was rammed from behind whilst doing 70/72mph. And to think, often the people tailing have families at home....if their kids could see them...

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