Phones to be seized in all road accidents

mobile car Every driver involved in a car crash will now have their phones seized.

This is said to be a help in cracking down on road deaths by those ne'er do wells who text at the wheel.

Police will now check if the motorist has broken the law and possibly been in any way responsible for the accident, and mobiles will now be taken away by officers as evidence.

The Police have said that they must do this due to the growing numbers of fatalities on the road, and this follows stiffer punishments for people who use their mobile at the steering wheel.

The move was welcomed last night by charities and pressure groups who have accused police and politicians of failing to make road safety a priority.

Of course, there are some people who aren't into the idea, claiming that a mild car-park-shunt could result in phones being confiscated. Also that confiscating phones could delay help.

Although one can imagine that in a motorway pile up, the first thing the police would be concentrating on is confiscating phones.

There is perhaps a logical way to look at how to do this. If a driver has had an accident and the time of the accident matches up with when they sent a text or were gassing on the phone, then yes, this is a very good idea.

If someone is using the phone while manouvering about in a car park, then they are just thick, and shouldn't be let out of the house.

The phone checks will apply to any accident. Previously they were made only in accidents where people were killed or seriously injured.

More than 500 people a year are killed or injured by people being thoughtless shits at the wheel, and half the time no charges are pressed against the driver, even if they were found to be in the wrong.

About time too.


  • Brian's u.
    What if the phone is locked with a password? Are you obliged to provide evidence that could incriminate yourself?
  • James
    and 1000 people a year probably die by falling into a bin
  • PC S.
    How about seize/destroy all phones when someone is using them at the wheel.
  • Brad
    Hands Free is still legal. Grey area anyone?
  • Han S.
    Surely if you've just had an accident one of the first things you'll do is phone your loved ones? What happens if the police then seize your phone and see the call at say 8:15? "What time was the accident?" , "About quarter past eight officer"
  • Dave
    police dont attend every accident anyway, only if reports of injury or causing an obstruction is caused.
  • Mr M.
    They won't be seizing phones, they will just be allowed to obtain the records. It's just another way of further handing over our privacy.
  • FFS
    No they won't. Lazy lazy bitterwallet
  • Big M.
    This wont happen anyway........ can't see it ever working though. The cost involved to pursue someone involved in a minor collision would be prohibitive. The cost of forensically securing the evidence (the phone) and accessing phone records is relatively expensive and time consuming. This is usually a tactic reserved for major crimes or serious intelligence gathering. Would people deny ownership of a mobile at the scene of a harmless bump? Can the police search individuals on suspicion of owning a phone in these circumstances?
  • All G.
    They'd be better off seizing men's dicks - they're responsible for most accidents round here.

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