Petrol prices to hit record high, again?

petrolpumpDo you drive a motor car? Chances are, you are in a constant state of resentment. Everything costs a bomb and every single news item you read implies that it is all going to get more expensive.

Which clumsily brings us to the warning of a 3% rise on petrol which came from the (deep breath) Retail Motor Industry Independent Petrol Retailers Association.

RMI Petrol, who represent two-thirds of Britain's petrol forecourt sites, said prices could even rise as high as 8% to around 125.9p per litre in the new year, knocking the current record high of 121.61p into a cocked hat.

RMI Petrol chairman Brian Madderson said: "The rebound in crude oil pricing is disappointing but not entirely unexpected. It will further increase pressure on independent retailers who are fighting for survival, especially in rural areas, due to the double hit of falling volumes and tighter margins."

RAC spokesman John Franklin says: "We have the coalition's emergency Budget proposal to increase VAT to 20% from January 4, so the outlook remains extremely difficult for motorists and retailers alike. We could be seeing new record pump prices within six months.

The AA reckon that petrol prices were 14p a litre, or £7 a tank, more expensive than they were this time last year.

Spokesman Paul Watters told Sky: "Drivers in the south east of England, the Home Counties and the M4 corridor have suffered an appalling fuel price lottery this summer. Prices have varied by as much as 6p a litre or £3 a tank between neighbouring towns depending whether or not there is a competitive retailer, like Asda. In 2006/07 it was just 2p."

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  • Foxconn E.
    Oh what a f*ckin' surprise! an another 12p per litre AND 2.5% VAT...
  • Jonny S.
    WTF!?! IS DIS REAL?!?
  • Fby
    1.21? clearly not been on a motorway service station forecourt recently.
  • Alexis
    Wouldn't mind if some of the duty went to the councils to PAY FOR THE SODDING POTHOLES ALL OVER THE SHOP.
  • Wood B.
    Same as above! - Wouldn’t mind if some of the duty went to the councils to PAY FOR THE SODDING POTHOLES ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE!
  • Ahole

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