Petrol prices have fallen have they?

16 December 2011


In quite startling news, the average price for a litre of unleaded petrol has fallen to its lowest level for nine months. Just imagine! Still, it doesn't make it good value for money.

Furthermore, there's a clear North/South divide on prices as well, with the North (unsurprisingly) being cheaper than the South.

According to the AA, who have nothing better to do, UK pump prices are now an average of 132.54p a litre, which is a 1.16p a litre fall from a month ago. Prices are falling at different rates across the country however, with London and the South East seeing an average price of 133.55p compared to 131.63p in the North of England.

Sadly, this doesn't match up with those who own diesel motors, as the cost of fuel there is increasing. The average cost for diesel is now 141.15p. This will stick in the craw of anyone who bought a diesel vehicle to try and save a bit of money.

No matter though, because in both cases, the UK is still one of the most expensive places to buy fuel from. The AA found that the UK had the second highest diesel prices in Europe and, concerning petrol, we're the seventh most expensive.

Edmund King. AA president, said: 'As more severe winter conditions push up fuel consumption and families contemplate the cost of Christmas travel, it will anger many that pump prices remain artificially high in so many places. This is simply because there isn't the transparency in the fuel market to indicate where prices should be.'

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  • Sawyer
    For someone who is advocating transparency in the fuel market, Edmund King needs to add a little more transparency into his statement. What is he even on about? If there's nothing to indicate where fuel prices should be, how can they be artificially high? Just talk simply, man.
  • james D.
    diesel is so expensive now, of course my 60-70 MPG and £30 a year tax to make this more bearable.
  • GrizzlyBear
    Petrol has just gone down to 97c/L - about 60p/L - where I am in Canada! Please don't email the Canadian government to convince them to tax it heavily to get your own back!

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