Petrol price wars kicked off by Asda and Morrisons!

25 September 2012

petrol_guageSoon, drivers will see their lives brightened up with dramatic words like 'slashed' as Asda and Morrisons go toe-to-toe in a petrol pump price war!

Of course, these price cuts will only serve to offer brief euphoria; a) From the fumes and b) Before everyone remembers that the UK has to pay far too much for fuel already.

Either way, saving is saving. So what is on offer?

Well, Asda will cut up to 3p a litre off the price of both unleaded and diesel and cap prices at 135.7p for unleaded and 139.7p for diesel. Morrisons meanwhile have decided that they'll reduce prices by up to 3p per litre from this morning as well. It is only a matter of time before the other supermarkets join in.

This comes about after the cost of oil dropped in the past week or so. Normally, British drivers don't see any savings passed onto them, but as fuel prices is a hot topic, the supermarkets know there's half decent PR to be gained from this apparent 'kindness'.

Andy Peake, Asda’s petrol trading director, said: "We always aim to be the first retailer in each part of the country to drop prices when costs are falling and the last to put them up."

Naturally, the knock-on of cheap supermarket petrol is that there'll be more shopping going on in the corresponding stores (so keep an eye out for price hikes in the store while the petrol gets cheaper).

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  • Goatse
    Queue people saying they wouldn't put that shit in their cars if you paid them.
  • crap
    3p saving per litre. So that's £1.50 saving from a 50 litre tank that usually costs around £69. Shit the bed.
  • Sicknote
    Thanks Goatse, I don't put shit fuel in my car OR shop in shit supermarkets. ...that is all.
  • captain c.
    We have some of the most expensive petrol in the country here in Malvern, so much so I often wait until I am visiting friends out of the county before trying to fill up. Morrisions is usually the cheapest and surprisingly, my car performs BETTER on it than fuel from some of the name brand garages (up to 50 miles more per tank). About the ONLY place in Worcestershire that is always more expensive than the Malvern garages is the M5 services at Strensham.
  • captain c.
    btw. I wondered why some of the local garaged whacked their prices up by 2p yesterday; so they can lower them by 3p today - in line with the rest of the country.
  • Numpty D.
    Nothing more on this OFCOM investigation into petrol prices being too high is there. Cant be a particularly difficult investigation that - drive to garage - note price of fuel is nearly twice what might be considered reasonable - investigation completed.
  • George O.
    To be fair most of the money on the price of a litre is tax, not to mention the VAT on top of the tax
  • Pissed d.
    Penny here or a penny there makes no real savings. What we need to see at the pumps is 10% off or "VAT free weekend". Now there's an idea for the big supermarkets.

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