Parking fines to increase, which is great

parking space Parking fines could rise by (up to) £50 because the current charges cap isn't seen as enough of a deterrent for motorists.

As it stands, drivers outside London pay a maximum of £70 for a parking fine, but that's being reviewed by Transport Secretary Norman Baker. This means that drivers could now be slapped with a £130 ticket in the future.

Baker said Londoners have faced escalating fines after Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnston increased the cap while the rest of the country remained static. He said: "It can be argued that if the cost of legitimate parking rises to such a degree that the penalty no longer becomes a deterrent then that should be looked at."

Edmund King, President of the AA, spat: "Our concern would be that local authorities become reliant on the fines as income."

The British Parking Association support the increases, saying: "There is an urgent need to change these penalty charges since they often fail to act as a deter rent and sometimes encourage non-compliance with traffic management and parking rules. This is costly and unfair on council tax payers who will be subsidising parking enforcement and undermines effectiveness of local transport policies."

Naturally, the idea that it could be lowered in London to come in line with the rest of the country never crossed anyone's mind. Increases in fines would probably deter drivers from going to city centres, where the high street needs all the help it can get.


  • Michael
    What have parking fines got to do with the British Parking Association? Indeed, what has local transport policy got to do with them?
  • haggis a time when all of our main monthly expenses (energy, fuel, public transport, food) are increasingly massively beyond wages the reason people park unlawfully is because the £70 fine isn't high enough?! Yes we've all got so much disposable income right now.
  • I m.
    Don't park illegally, don't get fined. Fucking retards.
  • Andy A.
    The BPA is for private parking companies (PPCs) who are all crooks and whose Business case completely depends on intimidation.
  • Mr M.
    Do tax payers really subsidize parking enforcement, I would of thought they make plenty to pay for themselves
  • Angry R.
    £70 + (up to) £50 = £130???? Do you rock de maffs, or do you rate de maffs?
  • Mof G.
    I don't comment on my posts frequently, but today I have to. Why do you lot post such negative dross on every single article on this website? I've never seen anything like it on any of the sites I write or have written for. You all need to grow up!
  • Because f.
    Because its funny to.
  • Kevin
    If you don't want to get a fine don't break the law. Amazing how hard it is for some people to realise this.
  • Touchwood
    Don't do the crime and you won't pay the fine!
  • Alexis
    It's not as if the British Parking Association (Ltd) commented in an attempt to draw parallels with legitimate penalties and the invoices their members dish out. Perish the thought.
  • Alexis
    ...and watch out for their 'code of practice' increasing what their members can apparently 'charge' if this goes through.
  • Mof G.
    Funny? Really? Please, if you are only here to post pointless responses leave the website. I am a highly regarded professional.
  • Mof T.
    I think you have a spelling mistake in the last but one word, 'regarded'
  • Phuck Y.
    I thought it was Witch?!
  • Mustapha S.
    If you didn't want people who post pointless comments to go on this site, you'd have fuck all readership.
  • Or maybe charge a percentage of one's income? £130 is not a lot to someone earning £1,500 a week perhaps but for someone earning considerably less, most likely not.
  • Mof G.
    I am highly regarded, you are highly retarded.
  • LL J.
    You get so many negative comments here because most of the traffic comes from people clicking on the HUKD sidebar, rather from the kind of misguided soul who would seek out your style of journalism deliberately.
  • Little G.
    What's HUKD?
  • James D.
    OTHER websites let you write for them?
  • Teddy E.
    Drivers need to get off their arses and try walking.
  • Reader
    Mof is partly right; I've never seen such negative comments before in such prevalence. However, I come here for the comments. It is hilarious. Except when people write about bumming foxes. Except now it's more about flexing wit da 'erb. James Dewitt, I feel your confusion. The articles are written in a way that try to be like
  • Captain W.
    What's wrong with bumming foxes all of a sudden? Or are you more of a cat fingering man?

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