Park on double yellows for £5 in Devon

Double-yellow-lines-in-an-Alleyway-in-Swindon Double yellow lines, on the UK's roads, mean that there's restricted parking at most times of the day. Parking on them, is not advised. You imagine that this is for a myriad of safety reasons, unless of course, you live in Devon, where you'll soon be able to buy a permit where you can park on double yellows for £5.

That's cheaper than parking in most car parks.

These passes will be available to business owners, landlords and contractors, and of course, they'll probably be hired out or sold on the black market for a tidy little profit. If there's a related accident, there'll probably be a bunch of court cases too.

Until then, Devon County Council are letting permit holders park almost anywhere.

A Devon County Council spokesman said: "The usage of the dispensation permits, as with all permits issued by the county council, are monitored by our civil enforcement officers. All dispensation permits require the display of contact telephone numbers and our team will make contact with the permit holder should there be an issue or concerns over their use."



  • Richard
    I can't believe this.. Dub yellas are there for safety reasons ensuring visibility and practicality. What on Earth.. has it come to this..?
  • Pedant
    "for a myriad of safety reasons" myriad means 'lots' of i.e. hundreds and thus the line could be read "for a hundreds of safety reasons" which is incorrect, so the correct use should be: "for myriad of safety reasons" i.e "for hundreds of safety reasons"
  • Marvin
    @ Pedent Both are acceptable. A lot of and lots of have the same meaning....
  • Stu P.
    Perhaps the grammar police will be selling £5 permits to allow the use of "a myriad of" ?

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