PARENTS. Got a Kiddu Lane 123 car seat? There could be a huge safety concern. Read on...

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.04.50If you've got a Kiddu Lane 123 car seat you might want to get it out of the car and perform a little test on it. There is a video doing the rounds on Facebook (link below) demonstrating that a sharp yank can put the straps straight from the buckle without need for the release to be pressed.

Whilst a young child might not be capable of mustering the strength to pull this out on their own, performing an emergency break will certainly test its capability of staying in place. Alarmingly, that is supposedly what happened to the young child in the seat. The post reads:

Three weeks ago this car seat was returned to Tescos after the Car seat buckle failed on its first use. The store manager and her staff all demonstrated the same fault as we did in this video.
When an Emergency stop was performed my 22 month old child was thrown out of his seat in the back and he landed on the gear stick in the front. He was bruised and is still traumatised by it as he screams when we now put him in a car seat.

The post goes on to say the efforts made by the parents to take this up with Kiddu...

Today we chased up Kiddu who initially said they would send us their report. They have since said they wont be sending it to us and will be doing nothing. Meanwhile this seat is still on sale and we are going Viral to prevent any further injuries or worse- a fatality. Please return this seat and insist on a refund.

So, if you've got one of these seats you might want to go and give it a test right now.

Video right here...

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