Older cars to face super-charge in London

Older cars to face super-charge in London

There's new plans afoot regarding the environment, which could see older cars and vehicles that cause more pollution to be charged a lot more to drive in London.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has spoken about plans to charge vehicles that cause the most pollution £10 per day if they want to drive in the centre of London, in a bid to extend an "ultra low emissions zone".

If you're thinking 'well, I don't live in London, so why should I care?' - well, there's a chance that this could extend beyond the capital.

The new Clean Air Act would include a framework for the whole of the UK, which wants to create "clean air zones", which will see local authorities making steps to reduce people's exposure to harmful air pollution.

ClientEarth chief executive James Thornton said: "Air pollution causes tens of thousands of early death every year and leaves many more seriously ill."

"We need a new Clean Air Act to safeguard our legal protections and ensure our right to breathe clean air."

So, the new plans are looking at a 'T-Charge', which applies to vehicles - petrol or diesel - which have pre-Euro 4 emission standards. In short, that effectively means cars that are registered before 2005.

There's already an existing £11.50 congestion charge in London, and the £10 per day would be on top of that.

And it could come into play within the next couple of years if it gets the go-ahead.


  • shaune

    Another way to fuck over the poor.

  • shaune

    Another way to fuck the poor.!.

  • DrJogalog

    I think this new website layout is terrible. And the lack of comments on the fewer reports that are produced shows that. Why fix what wasn't broken?

    • Jonwells

      Yep 2nd that. BIG CHUNKY & UGLY!

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