Old woman drives out of petrol station like a stunt-man!

Every time we write about petrol, we're either talking about someone taking 1p off the price, or complaining about drivers getting ripped off at the pumps.

Well, now, we're talking about an old lady who made a spectacular two-wheeled exit from a petrol station in Wales. Hurray!

The lady's wheelie was captured by the station's CCTV, where she clips the kerb and ends up driving like she's The Fall Guy or something. Mercifully, she was safe and everything was fine and she was on all four wheels in no time.

Footage was uploaded online by Sian Jones, who said: "She wasn't fazed at all. She was going on to the main road to re-approach the forecourt to be the right side for petrol."

Now, killjoys, feel free to complain about old people being unsafe on the road, and how road safety is no laughing matter, in the comments.


  • Han S.
    Old people are unsafe on the road and road safety us no laughing matter. In the comments
  • Fat H.
    Yee-haw! Daisy Duke at the wheel.
  • CJN1946
    Old age Han Solo, is inevitable and is upon you sooner than you realise. Don't mock.

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