Old drivers should re-test, say other drivers

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Old people, driving their cars, are ace. They wear leather stringback driving gloves, have pristine chamois leather cleaners in the glove box, tartan blankets on the back seat and, best of all, have cateracts so they can't see where they're going.

Concerning the latter, some drivers don't like pensioners on the road. They think they're a menace, reaching top speeds of 8 mph.

In fact, three-in-five motorists think older drivers should be forced to retake the driving test when they reach 66, according to a survey.

The opinion of the majority of 17 to 24-year-olds, with their trance music and steroids, is that granddad should be retaking his test at the even younger age of 63, according to the findings of Auto Trader.

The poll of 3763 motorists also revealed that 73% felt worried or concerned when they found themselves driving behind an older motorist, while 26% felt unsafe when being driven by someone over the age of 65.

How about a Logan's Run style future for drivers?



  • Miss D.
    Those 17 - 24 year old drivers need a clip round the ear, ideally from a polar bear.
  • Don
    Younger drivers, especially males, are so poor they shouldn't be allowed on the road until they are 25. That'd be the simplest way to make our roads much safer. And it'd be good for the economy too unless you are an undertaker.
  • Kevin
    I think it's a brilliant idea. Of course most people if they had to retake their test would fail as the way you drive in a test is very different to how you drive in reality and unless you did a mock first you'd probably fail from having lots of little mistakes adding up rather than you being a 'bad driver'. If you don't want to push people to retake the whole test then some sort of medical check/eye check should be put in to catch those people that shouldn't be in a car. If you've got nothing to worry about you shouldn't be worrying.
  • Old G.
    Utter bollocks - EVERYONE should be made to re-take the test as soon as they get done for any traffic infringement. Don't penalise the people who MIGHT do something wrong and all you boy racers are driving too fast - that's the only reason we're on the road! To slow you down!!
  • Dick
    I'm not that bothered about old people retaking the full test, but they should definitely have to have regular (yearly) eye tests after 75 years old.
  • james d.
    everyone thinks any group that they are not in should not be on the road or face some kind of restriction. I actually think all drivers should have to take an eye test every 10 years, seems simple enough to me then it's non-discriminatory.
  • Euan
    Could make under-25s sit an annual test too, statistically they're the ones with the most crashes aren't they? :)
  • Jim
    I wouldn't say that under 25s are the dangerous ones 24 myself no accidents touch wood... I do find the boy racer types in my category are trouble some and screw us over for prices, I have never found old drivers a danger on the road as such just they drive way under the speed limit you get traffic building up behind them. Two main problems I see on roads for dangers and traffic are 1) people in 4x4, transits, mercs and audi drivers thinking they own the roads and can drive how they want not being careful of other drivers (mainly women 4x4 drivers) dear god open your damn eyes women! the amount of parked cars I've seen smashed to bits because of them is crazy. 2) people of all ages who don't know how to deal with roundabouts, junctions and even simple right turns.
  • Magister I.
    I will willingly pit my driving skills against any of the yoofs that think at 65 I am a danger on the roads.
  • Terry K.
    As stated earlier rather than a full test all drivers should be forced to have an eyetest every 5 years or so.
  • Spencer
    In my experience - There are worse drivers on the road than the elderly. Honestly, I urge you to actually watch for this: any time you see dangerous driving (i.e cutting up, undertaking, speeding, tailgating, forcing other drivers to stop/give way etc... It almost always falls into 1 of three categories... 1. German business saloons - Audis/BMWs/VW's etc... 2. 4x4s - Range rovers, school-run mums, and pickup trucks. 3. White van drivers. Whilst it is infuriating being stuck behind an elderly person doing 19mph in a Nissan Micra, with the indicator constantly flashing... it isn't really 'dangerous'. However a 30 something business-twat Driving his Audi A5, at 90mph, 18inches off of your bumper on a motorway - you're half a second from a fatal accident because of some dickhead.
  • klingelton
    I agree with much of the sentiment here. Although i will say that in some states in america, the elderly are forced to retest every 3 years upon reaching the age of 65. Do they see it as a bad thing? no, they don't. They see it as a re-confirmation that they aren't a danger to other road users. I disagree with the "all german saloon drivers are pricks" notion. This is generally not the case. what is the case is that in every different group, there are good drivers, and there are bad (and there are terrible). What does need to change is people's overall attitude toward other road users in treating them as something that shouldn't be on the road, and that the rules in place to safeguard other road users, somehow don't apply to them (mobile phone usage). Also courtesy while driving has completely gone out the window to the point where people can no longer be bothered to move their finger 2 inches to trip a switch and turn their indicators on to leave a round about, nor can they be bothered to wait until the roundabout is cleared so they may enter. Finally - don't get me started on the complete lack of patience for a vulnerable or learner road user.
  • Captain.Cretin
    As most here agree, 90% of bad driving needs greater police activity, however it is well known that in many accidents involving older drivers, poor eyesight is a major contributor. Due to prescription drugs my night vision deteriorated quickly (although there has been some improvement after stopping the drugs), and I have come across people in their 60's/70's who are almost totally blind at night - but still driving. I remember one elderly man who used to park on the road after sunset, because even with a string of 500W halogen flood lamps lighting his large driveway - he couldnt see well enough to drive off of the road and park safely. His doctor pleaded with him to stop driving, but under current law, there was no way to remove his licence until he had an accident. Another lady (one of those mentioned below), was so blind she used to follow the white centre line as she couldnt see much else (no peripheral vision), the council resurfaced her road and she crashed within 50 metres of leaving her house (hit several parked cars). The problem is - at that age, ANY accident is likely to kill an elderly driver - usually from shock - this has happened to THREE elderly people I have known - minor accidents with very little damage to their cars, but a couple of days later they dropped dead.
  • Audi d.
    If all you old arseholes simply got out of my way, I could drive like a cunt without having to get all angry about it. I'm far too busy trying to talk on the phone to be flashing my lights at you lot and overtaking on the inside all the time.
  • Monkeyhanger
    When did BMW drivers stop being arseholes? The blame seems to be shouldered on Audi drivers now. The most dangerous drivers are those that drive like they're in a BMW/Audi, but are actually in a D reg Vauxhall Cavalier SRI with brakes like biscuit tin lids. I'm not sure what is worse, A competent driver who drives aggressively in a modern car with decent brakes or a mum on the School run in her 4x2 Nissan "offroader" who looks ahead only and doesn't even acknowledge the fact shes just entered the lane you're doing 70mph in just 30 yards ahead of you whilst doing 40mph. When you do toot those people they stare blankly ahead with that "if I don't acknowledge your presence, you don't exist" mentality. Women (in general) are the most discourteous drivers, they never let anyone out of a sideroad on a busy juction etc. The law doesn't police poor (stupid or reckless) driving, just speed and light jumping when they leave it to the camera. The lass I saw using her ipad at the wheel yesterday? Will never get caught unless she forgets about that speed camera or goes through a red light. Compulsory eye tests required every 10 years over 50 years old and every 5 years at 70.

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