Old Banger Turns Out To Be Cash Cow

You never know what something’s worth until you actually get round to flogging it on eBay. I once listed a CD from a little-know 1980s band called Win, went away for a weekend break, and when I came back someone had bid £157 for it. Stunning stuff – it almost paid for another break the following weekend.

On a much more spectacular scale, the auction for this 1963 Pontiac LeMans Tempest got way out of hand last week. To the untrained eye, it was just a battered-up old piece of crap with no motor and no transmission. In truth, it was a hyper-rare set of wheels, one of a limited run of only six.

With seven minutes left on the auction, bidding had reached $95,000. When it was all over, the bewildered owner of the car was $226,521 better off. That’s before eBay auction fees though – he probably only turned a profit of about £80 once they’d been deducted. Arf!

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