Npower the latest to unveil miniscule price cut

The energy supply companies are playing Snap again… with YOUR LIVES. Towards the end of last year, they all stepped forward and announced some pretty meaty price rises. Now they’re doing it all again, except that they’re announcing price cuts. Oh, and the cuts aren’t as meaty as the rises were.

Npower has just followed EDF, SSE, and British Gas and announced a fairly micey cut of 5% in its gas tariffs. In a pathetic attempt at making this sound great, they’ll also waive cancellation fees on fixed-price deals for the next two months to allow customers to switch tariffs and take advantage of the price drop. WoOoOo!

We’re still waiting for a dual fuel price drop from someone, as they’ve all reduced either gas or electricity so far - who will be the first to make the bold move? As it stands, Npower’s reduction today will reduce the average annual dual fuel bill by £39 to £1,149.

Reaction on Twitter has been mixed. @SkyNews tweeted ‘Npower Slashes Gas Prices By 5%’, a headline that was greeted with disdain by Yorkshire-based @stepheniley, who responded with “Pence per wk is not slashing. My first piss of the day, now that's a SLASH.”


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  • Simon
    Funny how they cut prices just as the expensive winter period is ending Seem to remember they went up 20% in sept so we are still alot poorer Who uses much gas in the summer

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