Now you can get your stuff delivered to your car

volvoYou know how annoying it is to have to wait in all day for a parcel, only to find a card through your door in the two minutes you popped to the corner shop? Now someone has invented someone who can receive your parcel for you when you’re not even there. Your car.

Volvo are currently trialling a new smart car system that, basically, gives your car keys to a delivery , to enable them to leave your parcel in the boot of your car. Because that doesn’t have disaster written all over it.

The idea uses a smart-phone approved digital key, which allows one-time access to open the boot. Once the boot is closed, the key expires and can only be opened again by the person with the proper key, ie the car owner. The system is based on the functionality of the telematics app Volvo On Call, which, among other things, makes it possible to remotely heat or cool the car and see its position or fuel level via the mobile phone. The system also uses GPS so your car doesn’t even have to be in a stated place at delivery time- the parcel will come to you.

Volvo trialled the technology during a pilot programme of 100 people, 86% of whom agreed that ‘roam delivery’ saved them time.

Volvo are clearly dazzled by the benefits of the scheme, and are aiming to save some of the estimated €1billion re-delivery costs incurred when people aren’t in. We think they haven’t thought everything through. What happens when the delivery person forgets to shut the boot, or leaves raw fish on a sweltering hot day? And this all assumes shady sorts won’t be able to use the system/technology to get into, and off in, your car.

So what do you think?


  • Comecon
    But when your corner shop happens to be your local ASDA, 2 miles away, you are going to get in your car and drive it off. Why would a delivery company chase you when they could just deliver your parcel to a corner shop, next door neighbour, blue bin or more likely just shove a 'Sorry...' card through your door anyway - even if you are in or just trying to have a crap in peace?
  • bob
    What if the delivery guy is desperate for a shit, and thinks your volvo is the ideal location?
  • Jemima
    If it's a system made by Volvo's new Chinese owners it will be made of cheap plastic, be as flammable as a sweatshop nightie, and it absolutely, totally will not work.
  • Carl
    I'm generally at the same place that my car is at...
  • Jollyon B.
    Half the time the bastards can't even find your house even though its big and static (unless of course you are a traveller or whatever the term is nowadays) and what chance have they got of finding your car when its small and mobile? I am hard pushed to remember where I left mine most evenings after I leave the pub.
  • Jollyon B.
    Another point will you have to check your exhaust every time you get back to your car to see if they stuffed a "Sorry" card up it?
  • Jollyon B.
    Another another point will scammers stick "Sorry" cards up everyone's exhaust asking them to call an exhorbitantly expensive 09xxx number?
  • Jollyon B.
    Lastly, couldn't disreputable exhaust centres stuff "Sorry" cards up your exhaust in an attempt that you do not notice and bugger it up?

What do you think?

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