Now Tesco want you to buy your next car from them

Tesco is fast becoming the Google of groceries; after making their money doing one thing well, they've expanded into places a draft couldn't reach. Their latest branded jaunt is Tesco Cars - an "online showroom [that] gives you exclusive access to thousands of quality used cars before they enter the market."
Bitterwallet - Tesco Cars
According to industry news sources, Tesco recently bought a stake in online retailer Carsite and is using using their infrastructure for the new service. Meanwhile Carsite has disappeared - their website is "currently undergoing maintenance" and has been for some time.

Tesco Cars is hoping to offer second-hand cars at 20% less than forecourt sales; all vehicles sold on the site will have undergone independent inspections by the RAC and HPI Check, a company that checks out the ownership histories of vehicles.

Of course, if you are wanting to buy a used motor from a supermarket, don't go clicking on - being big doesn't always mean being quick.


  • Alexis
    The site seems to be distinctly lacking in cars for sale.
  • Me
    Looks like they are all ex-lease cars... steering well clear. And didn't I read somewhere at the weekend that they only come with 3 month warranty?
  • You
    How do you buy a car "before [it] enter[s] the market"? Surely either it's for sale (ie on the market) or not?
  • Tesco B.
    [...] technology and infrastructure, Tesco tend to utilise that of a successful company (O2 for mobile, Carsite for and build a mass-market platform on top of [...]

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