North Tyneside Council pwned over parking ticket

Ross Lewis wasn't entirely thrilled to receive a parking ticket from North Tyneside Council, especially early on Sunday morning:

According to the blog set up by Ross to highlight his plight, Ross had parked up on a main road with no markings. Four hours later, a traffic warden issued a parking ticket for because his van was "parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to a dropped kerb".

This is what the dropped kerb in question looked like:

Picture 7

"I parked the vehicle at approximately 4:30am this morning using my now tried and tested technique of checking the road and its proximity for any markings and or signage that would prohibit legal parking. I was not aware that North Tyneside Council now also expects me to use my hitherto unknown psychic powers to ascertain if I am committing a parking offence.

"I had parked the vehicle next to what at a glance in the dark light of 4:30am, appeared to be a badly repaired stretch of pavement. As you can tell from my address above, I am a resident of North Shields, so a badly repaired stretch of pavement is something that I encounter on a daily basis and as such, this particular stretch of pavement gave me no cause for parking concern."

Ross has published the full letter he's sent to North Tyneside council regarding the incident. It is, in a word, tremendous. As well as detailing his expedition to chart whether the council are consistent in their mysterious rules concerning unmarked dropped kerbs, he also explains the laws concerning parking and signs off in style:

"Apropos of nothing I have created a personal law about correspondence relating to PCNs. I haven’t told you about this law and nor have I made available any indicators that this law is in place but I am sure that you will gladly obey this law regardless. With that in mind I must insist that your reply to this letter must be sent by carrier pigeon. Unfortunately I will have to apply a charge of £75 for the feeding, watering and return of your pigeon, but I am happy for this to be offset against the £75 fine you have issued."

Brilliant. North Tyneside Council, you've been served.

[Ross Lewis]


  • Ross L.
    Hey Paul, cheers for the kind words. I am frankly chuffed to bits that you have linked to the blog and thrilled that a few people are getting a chuckle from my venting at NTC. Here's hoping they have a sense of humour and drop the ticket.
  • DragonChris
    Nicely done sir, here's hoping you are successful.
  • dunky
    Good luck
  • F M.
    I got one overturned by South Tyneside Parking Gestapo on a technicality last year, so heres hoping. Shy bairns get nee sweets.
  • br04dyz
  • Uncle v.
    what the hell is an "unmarked dropped kerb"? I'm a courier, and I know where I can & can't park. One place I can't is a dropped kerb!? Dropped Kerbs dont usually come with signs, marks on the road or trumpeting wenches ??? Ok, so this one looks like its been made by gary glitter, but still.
  • JaffaCake
    @ Uncle Darth vader Agreed. A dropped kerb is a dropped kerb. No sympathy from me on this one.
  • Ross L.
    @Uncle Darth Vader Do you work in London? I know that in London you don't need markings next to a dropped kerb. It would appear that a change in the law meant that local authorities outside of London thought they could also start ticketing for parking adjacent to a dropped kerb even if it had no markings or signs. However a number of people seem to think that this is not the case and that legally they cannot ticket. Personally if I break the law I'd like to be fully aware that I am breaking it, you know, to really soak up the thrill of renegade parking. As it is it would appear that my local council put in some of the shabbiest dropped kerbs known to man, told no one about it or the law of parking adjacent to it and then gleefully dished out tickets on a Sunday morning for parking adjacent to it. I like to live my life lawfully but I'd be rightly annoyed if upon walking out my front door I was shot dead because wearing a white t-shirt had become an executable offence but no one had told me.
  • iphone u.
    pay the fine prick
  • Gareth
    i got one for the same thing the other day. I looked it up on the net, the AA and the department for transport strongly suggest that the dropped kerbs should be marked or signed but they leave it the individual councils. and NTC say on their website that they actively ticket for parking on dropped kerbs. I live in NS too, was pleased to see that my roadtax and parking fines are paying for tynemouth to get there roads resurfaced. again. knobs
  • Loz
    I'd be more put out by the fact that the kerb doesn't appear to be particularly "dropped", never mind any absence of markings etc. NTC's parking nazis are far more interested in revenue than anything else - I used to live down the fish quay and never once saw them do anything about lazy twats double parking outside the chippy and blocking the whole fucking road, or stupid cunts who would park outside my fucking garage door - often while the door was open and the garage was clearly in use.
  • james d.
    What puzzles me is why the hell is it dropped. it appears to lead onto a solid brick wall
  • Gareth
    fucking nazis.
  • bobless
    as far as I know, the barred white line you spotted adjacent to a dropped kerb is not enforceable either. I was let off a parking ticket in brum this way once. there is no need for any markings adjacent to a dropped kerb, is there? i did some very detailed research into this at the time. as for dropped kerbs leading to walls they're usually either for wheelchair/pushchair users or are leftovers from an old entrance. the fact that it is impossible to tell which is the case is a personal bugbear of mine. there can be an 'official' dropped kerb and then a few metres away an old driveway where the original building is gone and that now leads to a brick wall... but you just know they'll ticket you for parking alongside either. as it costs to get a dropped kerb installed, noone would be willing to pay again to get it removed, so we're just left with these stupid common-sense-defying cash cows everywhere.
  • Brad
    The irony of someone with the screen name "iphone user" calling someone else a prick.
  • hippy
    what happened to double yellow lines being the norm for no stopping at any time. I once saw double red lines, thought it meant "no we really mean you cant stop here ever!" Now councils are going to more expense of dropping kerbs and pathways down so people cant stop at them. Although the one pictured is more like someone went over it with a shovel during snow. Seems like some sort of gestapo measure to make some money, you parked wrong and your papers are not in order! Be shot or pay £500 fine!
  • yournicked
    if the `kerbs are levelled to the road your picture doent show this ) then it is a legitimate access point and not just for cars - its for push chairs wheelchairs etc - I agree early Am is a p^ss take but it is blocking access and i bet under BS 8300, (is there a new building being built planned next to this) as BS8300 would apply as it covers building and access routes. I see the parking Nazi ticketing people all day long in Salford especially now they have learend this new rule for parking across dropped kirbs -seems like your banged to rights mate .
  • ipad u.
    @Brad, prick.
  • John U.
    You broke the law by blocking a dropped curb - just pay the fine and shut your mouth. Pavements are for pedestrians not your scrap van.
  • lizzieN
    North Tyneside are really showing there true colours.They have just taken the blue badge off my friend.She is 75 years of age and has had two hip replacements.Sh e is unable to get out of her car in a normal bay as she needs to have the door wide open to swing her legs out.They have taken from her her independence as she can no longer use our local shops post office ect.I thought we were judged on how we treat our elderly SHAME ON YOU NORTH TYNESIDE .

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