No VW compensation in the UK - why?

No VW compensation in the UK - why?

Volkswagen are sorting out their mess from the emissions scandal, but there's been little to nothing in the way of plans for UK drivers who have been affected by this.

Their failure to compensate UK drivers, given that American drivers are getting compensated, is "deeply unfair", say MPs. In the UK, you can get your VW vehicle repaired, but in the US, you can get it fixed as well as claiming up to $10,000.

So what's going on? The Transport Select Committee have said that the government were too slow to investigate whether or not Volkswagen should be prosecuted over all this.

Of course, the government have insisted that they're doing what they can about it, but MPs are not convinced.

Louise Ellman, the Labour MP who chairs the committee, said: "Volkswagen's evidence to us was just not credible but the government has lacked the will to hold VW accountable for its actions."

"There is a real danger that VW will be able to get away with cheating emissions tests in Europe if regulators do not act."

Ellman added: "Vehicle owners have been refused goodwill payments. That is despite VW inflicting a great deal of uncertainty on its own customers, along with the prospect of declining residual values and the inconvenience of having to undergo repairs."

A Department for Transport (DfT) spokesperson said that they'd taken Volkswagen's "unacceptable actions extremely seriously", adding: "We continue to push VW to ensure they take action."

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