No compensation for VW drivers

Volkswagen-Logo If you were hoping to get a nice little payout apology from Volkswagen over the emissions scandal, don't hold your breath (unless you're trying to not breathe in all the gunk pouring out of the back of your VW). The company said that they have "no plans" to compensate customers in Europe, although, after some official investigations, that could all change.

The company have put aside £4.8bn to cover recall costs, but that doesn't include compo, because they're not planning on forking out.

Now, Volkswagen have been compensating drivers in America, and they think that the market circumstances were different. Of course, in the UK, the car's re-sale value has changed thanks to this cheat-scandal, so this is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Stateside, drivers have been promised $500, and another $500 in credit vouchers. If you're in the UK, VW are telling you to go whistle.

In a statement, VW said: "We are putting together an individual package of measures for each market designed to achieve high customer satisfaction in what is currently an unsatisfactory situation for customers."

So why are Volkswagen treating American drivers differently to those in Europe? Well, it has been suggested elsewhere that VW would like to spoil the Americans, because it is seen as a key area of growth in the market that they would like to develop. Seeing as Europe drives a lot of VW vehicles, it sounds like a case of 'what are you going to do about it?'

There could well be some official intervention on all this, so things could change, but for the time being, Volkswagen aren't going to be crossing your palm with silver.


  • squiffy
    Doesn't what VW would like you to think, if you have suffered a loss and can show it, then they need to compensate you, they don't get to make the rules.
  • Billy D.
    Its a joke. VW are not going to find a so called fix for the cheating software. Any fix is going to be at the detrement of the cars performance and fuel economy. Every car owner should be compensated due to the way in which the cars have been wrongly advertised. I hope VW customers make a stance and show that they can take their custom elswehere. If VW choose not to offer compensation as offered in the US then they run the risk of future EU sales. So be it on there head. They have been warned.

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