Nissan repair department forgets how to, uses duct tape instead

UPDATE 5/6: Following publication, Adam has been in touch with Bitterwallet to update us on the situation; his comments follow.

Here's a hypothetical situation for you: your girlfriend scrapes the sill of her new Nissan Micra against a large flint. The result is a tear in the sill and a mess made of the paintwork. She takes it to an authorised Nissan dealership to be repaired. What does the dealership do next? Replace the sill? Or stick a length of duct tape over the damage and spray-paint it silver?

Obviously they wouldn't do the latter, because that'd be the work of feckless amateurs. But for argument's sake, let's say they did whip out the duct tape and spray paint - how much do you think the dealership would charge? £20? £30? Or £102 labour plus £57.50 for paint and materials?

Congratulations! Welcome to the world for Rawstock Nissan in Didcot! That's the alleged scene of the crime according to Adam, a member of the Overclockers forums. Here's the repair job his girlfriend's car received:

"Once the branch manager rang back, he thought they had just forgot to take the tape off," says Adam, "but I then explained that they taped over it and painted. He apologised, laughed, then apologised for laughing as it wasnt funny."

Eventually the manager offered to refund the £160 costs, and to remove the tape and any damage the repair might have caused. When the car was ready to be picked up with the tape removed, there were two new tramlines of paint residue down the length of the sill, from where the spray-paint met the edges of the duct tape.

Nissan UK won't get involved, says Adam, because it's a matter for the dealership to deal with, so he's looking for advice on what to do next. Short of spraying horseshit over the forecourt, what would you do if it was your car?

[Overclockers] via Wayne Roberts

UPDATE 5/6: Following publication, Adam has been in touch with Bitterwallet to update us on the situation: "

Just before you published the story, I had emailed Nissan the pictures. They phoned to say they would be escalating the issue as it was an example of poor workmanship. Nissan acted upon the email - the dealer has fully refunded and offered to make right the lines caused by the tape, and Nissan are further investigating. Credit to Nissan."

One editorial error, which concerned the length of time the garage took to remove the tape - has been corrected.


  • Steve
    Looks good to me, whats the problem?? LOL!! I'd burn 'em, burn 'em all!!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Why did they paint it? I thought the tape was silver anyway?!?!?
  • Amanda H.
    It's a Micra FFS (#shivers at writing the M word), they have probably increased the value of it.
  • schmunk
    Put one on the other side to match. Bob's your uncle.
  • andy y.
    Offer to fix the service managers car in the same qualitative style
  • Martin S.
    Go faster stripes for a Micra! Quality!
  • Bwah h.
    What a bunch of cunts that garage are.
  • abc
    Take one of their most expensive cars for a 24hr test drive, drive the shit out of it!
  • Tom P.
    I used to do that.... fill in a rotting/damaged sill, wing etc. with fiberglass resin, use filler then paint, never got caught and made LOADS of money.
  • veedubjai
    Probably a day-release apprentice body repairer from college could not be arsed. I say take plenty of photos to the Small Claims Court & notify your local Trading Standards or local newspaper for publicity if they do not get it fixed PROFESSIONALLY. It's cowboys like that give a bad name to the industry. I they give a shit then recommend you place plenty of bird seeds on the forecourt & let nature takes it course. Birds shitting on shiny new cars.
  • troubleshooter
    good story but whats the truth? as usal one sided story read all the details on the forum and found no pics to show the damage to start and no pics to show the end result after removing the tape.There had to be a reason for the tape (not mentioned)Sond like to me if we can get anything for nothing lets get on the gravey train no better than our mps
  • adam
    This is misquoting me and nissanuk are involved. Please remove from this site. The original job was awful, but they are now sorting it and i have been refunded. Nissan are being very helpful now
  • adam
    again, to reiterate, this is not reflecting reality, Nissan UK are helping a lot, they are being very good indeed now.
  • troubleshooter
    I see the forum has been removed is there a bigger tail to this story that we would all like to know !
  • pauski
    Tom Pickering - annoyed with you! (x2 recent posts)
  • Nick
    I say simply avoid Nissan in Didcot, hit them where it really hurts in lack of sales and services.
  • freddy s.
    Typical British work and management culture that wrecked the car industry in UK. This is the Monty Python treatment to industry.
  • troubleshooter
    still the same old ways , stone a man before he has his say.they did that to jesus and se how guilty he was?
  • adam
    I agree with you troubleshooter, i posted on overclockers for advice, and didnt want this posted here. Very dissapointed somebody has done this before nissan had chance to put it right. I would like this post removed, it just isnt cricket!
  • Paul N.
    troubleshooter - We're chasing this up for the full story... @Adam - Dude if you want to take back what you said then post an apology and let us know the real story but don't say we misquoted you?!? We've got the screengrabs from your original postings at overclockers and it's pretty clear this wasn't your attitude then!!!
  • Francis R.
    The Micra's probbaly stronger now with the gaffer tape, he shouldn't have been such a geek to be a member of Overcockers geek squad, probably why the dealer laughed.
  • Lumoruk
    I'm surprised this guy even has a girlfriend being an overcocker geek :)
  • Francis R.
    And the bit about them using gaffer tape to fix your car? You sure it wasn't one of your geek squad mates at Overcockers (read wankers) and you just tried to blame Nissan, and actually the dealer was pissing his sides when you told him what you'd done? Hmmm Yes? I'm right? Yes? Hmmm?
  • mallywally
    Just about right for that particular dealer - Nissan will sort it though and sounds like they are doing. Didcot's Nissan guys are known for being %ankers Janue 5th 2009 1.33 pm
  • acecatcher3
    why did that guy stick the date and time at the end of his comment :S what is overclockers anyway
  • acecatcher3
    my bad, i just googled was being lazy june 5th 2009 14.02
  • Steve
    Does anyone know the time? June 5th 2009 14:20
  • mallywally
    You mean the time gets written into my post automatically? How clever - far cleverer than me, but then i used to work at a Nissan garage so what do you expect! I know the clown in charge of that workshop but I won't name him. That story is typical of what they get up to. June 5th 2009 15:39 and 20 seconds - No, i tell a lie, 21 seconds, 22 seconds, 23 seconds ;)
  • Lumoruk
    no, who you vote yesterday Luke? June 5th 2009 15:41
  • acecatcher3
    lol mally!!! i didnt vote lumoruk, i dont really motivate myself to read up on the different parties and their objectives....i know i should but until then i dont think i should vote on something i know very little about..... so i kept my nose out of it yesterday, maybe next vote ill get involved and make a vote! how about u???

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