Nissan recalls 51k cars after customer's steering wheel came off in his hands

14 September 2012

NissanDo you drive a Nissan Qashqai? Well, aside from looking like a twerp, you might be about to die in a dreadful crash. The car company is recalling 7,300 of the Qashqais in Britain after one driver said the steering wheel came off in his hands.

51,000 cars will be recalled worldwide after the Finnish driver had his steering wheel fail to stay on the dash. If you care, the driver wasn't injured and the incident happened at low speed.

A Nissan spokesman says: "The driver lent forward on the steering wheel. It wobbled and came away in his hand. He was moving slowly so he stopped. No-one was hurt... the batch affected is 1 per cent of the total we are recalling. But we don’t know exactly which ones are affected, so we are checking them all."

Nissan have said that the 'boss' link had been weakened in one batch because of a change made by the supplier to the tooling settings on the machine which was making the vehicles. Owners are being advised to contact their dealers to check and, if you've got a special rudderless motor, then they'll be sorted, free of charge.

Ring or email Nissan customer services on 01923 899 334 or email: [email protected]

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  • amazon s.
    Natural selection gets a helping hand.
  • J
    Nassin, who's that?
  • Jerec
    Qashqai's are nice motors, got one when we hired a car to drive to Drayton Manor. Steering wheel was a bit loose but nothing serious.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Well being a Nissan drivers, are you sure it isn't their knobs that come off instead of the gear stick?
  • Mr M.
    Is the Qashqai a french car or do Nissan still make some of their cars in Japan?

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