Nissan, and the car that charges your house up

10 December 2015

Nissan Nissan have hit on a clever idea - a two-way charger that allows you to save money on household bills, by using the energy that is stored in the battery of your electric car.

At the UN Conference on Climate Change, the car-maker showed off their two-way charger, which they developed with a company called ENEL. This would see owners of the all-electric Nissan Leaf to send power to their houses for up to two days. Handy if you're not using your car.

Their idea is that, if you have a Leaf (we prefer cars to be called things like 'Mustang' and 'Cobra', but we can see what they're doing here), you'll be able to charge up your vehicle when the electricity is cheaper, or at low-demand - if you have some energy left over, you can give it to your house or, if you prefer, send it back to the National Grid and get yourself some money in the process.

A Nissan spokesperson said: "With the introduction [of the technology], we can empower motorists to take control of their energy mix, stimulating greater use of renewable power, and offering significant financial rewards for those who make the switch to electric. The personal benefits of innovations like this are clear."

This car is being built in Sunderland, and Nissan have developed a more powerful battery pack, which means you won't have to charge your car for (between) 120 miles and 155 miles. Great, if true.

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  • MrL
    Yeah, even if it's true though, you'll still be driving an electric car
  • Leaf D.
    I have an electric car and certainly wouldn't go back to an old fashioned engine. I'm hoping people stick with them though because they subsidise my free electricity, road tax and parking so thanks for that.
  • gas m.
    Leaf cars have nothing like the claimed range. You wouldn't have the energy to spare or risk lengthening the ridiculous 13 hour charge!

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