New system means those trying to renew car tax, can't

1 October 2014

tax disc You won't believe it - after ditching tax discs for cars and setting up a new online system, the whole thing has buggered up.

Thousands of drivers haven't been able to renew their car tax online, after the DVLA sank under the huge amounts of traffic. The high volume of people accessing the site was predictable and as clear as the nose on your face, however, it looks like the DVLA weren't prepared.

According to reports, some people have spent up to 13 hours online trying to sort their car tax out. At some point, they should've stepped away from their computer, but there you go. Some people are crackers.

The DVLA said the site had seen "an unprecedented volume of traffic". Feel free to make your own 'DVLA unable to deal with traffic' puns.

Our pals at the DVLA said that an extra 30,000 people had visited the site and apologised for the farcical situation and said that, if you are desperate to get your tax sorted, you should go to the Post Office instead. Of course, with Post Offices being closed all over the country over the years, you might have to drive there as well.

The AA aren't happy either. They reckon that this new system could see some cars being taxed twice. Nice little earner for the government that, eh? You see, someone buying a car will no longer be able to benefit from an unused period on a tax disc, which means there'll be a lot of crossover with two drivers paying tax on a vehicle at the same time.

"Someone driving a car that costs £500 a year to tax would lose £41 if they sold it at the beginning of the month," said Edmund King, the AA's president. Likewise a buyer purchasing a car mid month would have to pay Vehicle Excise Duty for the entire month."

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  • OldGit
    Strange how this wonderful new system can only refund whole months, computer systems I've used can work in days too. Perhaps we need to wait 10 years before you will get refunded exactly what you are due. (Anyone know what the excuse is for this slight oversight? - other than the obvious)
  • Jessie J.
    Faceybook DVLA PROBLEMS. Check your licences people, lots of peeps with missing entitlements and also lots of dates wrong.
  • Jessie J.
    Just to add to my last post the DVLA are a bunch of useless fucktards that think they are above the law.

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