Morrisons to drop petrol price below £1

There's been a price battle with the supermarkets at their petrol pumps, and Morrisons have announced that, as of 3pm today, they'll be dropping theirs to below a quid.

They tweeted about it and everything, look:

morrisons petrol

Of course, there's been a lot of chatter about this, as we previously reported.

Again, this is all down to a drop in the global price of oil and, naturally, the big established UK supermarkets want to court your affections, as everyone has been running off to Aldi, Lidl, and Waitrose.

Asda also said that they're doing the same, dropping their fuel prices below a quid. Either way, if you need to fill up the car, get to a Morrisons today and go buck wild.


  • Xyguru
    How is this news? Petrol and diesel have been 99.7p for weeks
  • Albi
    Petrol has, but not diesel
  • Mike
    Indeed they have! And Oil is up up up so don't expect it to last long!
  • Ian
    Great, now I can fill my car up cheap at Morrison's before I drive to Aldi.
  • Alex
    Filled up at Darlington Morrisons at 97.7p. I was happy with that.

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