Morrisons petrol pump charges for thin air

We're all under the assumption that supermarkets are sly and always up to something, so when one fella went to get some petrol from Morrisons, he decided to see what was going on with the nozzle.

Darryn Loose posted a video online, which shows him holding the pump without pressing the trigger, and clear as day, the amount to pay increased all by itself.

He was at the Morrisons in Chatham, Kent, with the cost increasing without any petrol coming out. You can bet that other people will be checking to see this happens across the country this week.

Loose said: "My worry is that how do I know that I actually got the £20 I put in in the first place?" He told the staff about it, showing them the video, but he was told they wouldn't be checking the pumps.

He said: "I have been in arguing for a while. They weren't even going to check the other pumps, they didn't see the point! They have no idea. Said it was a one off incident, but they have no idea if it has been doing to everybody or not."

A spokesperson for Morrisons said, once they'd seen the video, that they'll be investigating the whole thing: "An investigation showed there was a fault with the pump, and it has now been sorted out. We are making contact with the customer who filmed the video."

Keep an eye on this, and make sure you're not paying a massive company for thin air.


  • Lord S.
    Hope they give him a bollocking for using his mobile at the pump.
  • Dan
    This is the real reason they don't let you use a mobile while at the pump.
  • Maurice S.
    Uckwit. Everybody knows that dense air aids combustion, and at this time of year the air is as thin as Bruce Willis' hair. Thin air? No, thick. As in pigs hit.
  • Gav
    This has been happening at more than just the one Morrisons pump. It happens quite often in our local.
  • Albert S.
    I did wonder why it cost £137.84 to fill my moped the other day.
  • NotWhoYouThinkIAm
    As Gav, had this happen more than once at my local Morrisons, time for Trading Standards to start making a few pot checks I think. I have even had mine go up a few pence after returning the nozzle to the holder, £20.00 when I head for the till, £20.02 by the time I get there; strangely, it never seems to happen when I use the "Pay at the pump" option.

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