Morrisons looking to give customers more for less

morrisons Earlier in the week, Tesco slashed the prices of billions* of their products (*or something) in an attempt to spark a fierce pre-Christmas price war. Now Morrisons have tap-danced into the spotlight with news that they’re ramping up their own-brand offerings.

They’ve said that they’ll be launching 11,000 new or improved own-brand ‘stuff’ over the next couple of years, with 650 ready meals hitting the shelves next week, as part of their ‘M Kitchen’ range, saying that the grub will be “best in class, but the very best on price”. Snazzy words and the name reminds us of M People, which is nice.

Morrisons say that they’ve enlisted the help of top chefs to help them develop their new range of ready meals, overseen by former Waitrose chief executive Neil Nugent, the man who turned Heston Blumenthal’s orange Christmas pud into a soaraway success last year. We never got to try it but if it was aby Blumenthal, we assume it was full of electricity or something.

The supermarket are also bringing in a new value range called ‘Savers’ which are designed to go toe-to-toe with similar offerings from Aldi and Lidl. None of which are going to be full of electricity, sadly.


  • Craig
    Perhaps I could recommend the novel concept to Morrisons of actually having products they advertise on the shelves, or in the case of ice cream, in the freezer. And when customers enquire where the half price Ben & Jerries is, that they have been advertising all over Accrington, the response from the resident moron, resplendent in the Morrisons uniform, of "If it's not in the freezer then we ain't got any" doesn't really cut it in 2011.
  • qwertyuiop
    To be fair, if that was his response it was probably concise. It's not their job to accompany you halfway around the store looking for ice cream if they have shelves to stack or some such rocket science task to fulfil. If I was ever desperate enough for cash that I'd work in a supermarket, that would probably be my response to your question as well. It's not unheard of for products that are well advertised at a significant saving to go out of stock!
  • The B.
    I used to work in various supermarkets whilst I was a student and I was always very polite when someone asked me for things like that, I'd go out the back, have a chat, come back out and say "I'm very sorry, we haven't got any", same as everyone else, no one ever checks.
  • qwertyuiop
    I suppose if that was the EXACT way an employee told someone they didn't have any then that may be a bit inappropriate. "If it's not in the freezer then I'm afraid we haven't got any left" would be far more acceptable. Unfortunately a lot of supermarket employees tend to be poorly educated chavs, in which case shouldn't be held totally accountable, so it goes with the territory these days sadly. If there's no BEN AND JERRY'S FROZEN ICE CREAM LEFT IN THE FREEZER AISLE OR CABINET, THERE'S NONE LEFT! Rocket Science this is not! Where else would they keep it? A warm, dry storeroom? Yes, that must be right.....
  • Joff
    Likewise, I sold my soul to Asda whilst supporting my student lifestyle and would always use customer enquiries as an excuse to skive. We would rarely know where anything in our own section was let alone know if we had advocaat, cocktail sticks or other wondrous items
  • bige
    Just a quick one on the "Poached" Exec Chef at Morrisons Neil...I am sure he is a great chef but what interested me was that he was at Waitrose up until Feb 2011 and in a recent shoppers survey carried out by Haygarth Waitrose Own Label Products came bottom of the poll, so are these new products that Morrisons are bringing to the market that are developed by the "Poached Exec Chef" going to be worse than the products they already have?

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