More parking tickets being issued by fewer wardens


Those in the know might say that the economy is shrinking, but one area where there has been impressive growth is the issuing of parking tickets. An impressive 6.8m tickets were handed out by councils across the land in 2011, 4% up on the previous year, with one handed out every 4.6 seconds and £234m raised as a result.

Even more impressive is the fact that the number of wardens has dropped, from 3,882 in 2010 to 3,693 in 2011. Well done to the lads and lasses who are working even harder to spot those naughty parkers and bring them to justice. Having said that, they don’t always get it right, and one in four tickets were disputed in 2011, with a 39% success rate for those who fought back against ‘The Man’.

Not including That London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are the three cities where you are most likely to get a ticket, with more than 146,000 handed out in the Scouse city.

The government are taking something of a stern view of it all – local government minister Bob Neill parped: “There is no excuse for town halls using parking fines and motorists as cash cows. There are plenty of other ways for councils to raise extra income or make savings like better procurement and sharing back-office services.

"We want to see councils use parking to support the high street and help their local shops prosper. That's why we have ended the last government's requirements to limit spaces, push up parking charges and encourage aggressive parking enforcement.”

What do you reckon dear readers? Is it becoming harder and harder to park without getting a ticket or are the wardens slapping them out here, there and everywhere and just hoping they’ll get away with it. Also, what’s the largest vehicle you’ve ever parked, and what’s the smallest? We’re genuinely interested.


  • Blakey
    I once caught that Stan parking his bus on a double yellow but I didn't give him a ticket because I am not a traffic warden.
  • Blakey
    I also found a photograph of a feral trolley parked on a web page for much more than a week. No ticket issued there either but this time because it isn't a parking offence.
  • Foxes
    He's not a traffic warden he runs the buses
  • Blakey
    Thanks for confirming that Foxes. In an unrelated matter I have a pet bear with what might be constipation. I think she is worried about our toilet facilities.mDoes anybody have any ideas about where she might be more comfortable relieving herself?
  • Foxes
    In the woods of course!
  • Sicknote
    Very few parking tickets are actually issued in this country; what the press do is include what are called speculative invoices in the description of parking tickets. I've lost count of the number of speculative invoices I've thrown away or simply returned to the issuer asking they contact the driver of the car and not the registered keeper. Or this story vindication that I should start my own speculative invoice company; I too could send invoices to people that park on private land.....hmm, maybe
  • Raggedy
    You won't get a ticket if you park in the right space (as in not totally on the pavement outside your front door so you don't have to walk far). Any chance the number of cars on the road has increased too? There's no doubt the number of wankers driving on the road (and pavements) has increased dramatically.
  • simon
    parking wardens : a good opportunity to employ a load of vile morons
  • Mary H.
    "I'll get you Buttler!" Yeah, but you never did in any of the 74 episodes than ran from 1969-1963 did you, Blakey? You cretinous old spastic!
  • Blakey
    No I did not get him. That's because my catchphrase was "I 'ate you Butler". What a fucking funny genius you are Mike.

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