Mitsubishi admit to 25 years of dodgy fuel tests

Mitsubishi 25 years
26 April 2016

Mitsubishi Motors have confessed to dodgy fuel efficiency tests for 25 years. Of course, this news means that the motoring firm has seen their shares plummet.

The latest news is likely to see what has been a predominantly Japanese problem extending overseas. We knew about 600,000 vehicles being affected, but the length of this bad testing is going to see that number rocket.

This follows Volkswagen, who have been struggling to manage the fallout of their own emissions scandal.

"For the domestic market, we have been using that method since 1991," Mitsubishi vice president Ryugo Nakao told a news briefing; "But we don't know the number of models affected in total."

Mitsubishi have added that they're going to appoint an outside team of experts to look into these problems.

Company president, Tetsuro Aikawa, previously acknowledged that all this is going to hamper the vehicle manufacturer's finances, adding: "I can only apologise."

Mitsubishi is likely to compensate customers, to win some hearts and minds and, of course, if they didn't, authorities would invariably force them to do so anyway.

Similarly, VW are looking at the ways they can compensate affected drivers.

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