Middle lane hoggers - now getting fined!

old driver car A van driver has been fined almost £1,000 and slapped with five penalty points, becoming the first person in the country to be convicted in court of being a hogger of a motorway's middle lane.

The driver in question, was stopped by West Yorkshire police, was nicked after persistently driving in the central lane and not budging on the busy M62. The police said that a number of drivers had to brake and swerve to overtake.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court noted that the driver had a lot of opportunities to get into the inside lane, but didn't. As an aside, the driver didn't turn up to court, was fined £500 in absence and has to pay £400 in costs with a £40 victim surcharge.

This is thought to be the first time someone's been done for lane hogging, since the law was changed in 2013.

PC Nigel Fawcett-Jones from the Road Policing Unit of West Yorkshire said of people not budging from the central lane: "It reduces the capacity of roads and motorways, and can lead to dangerous situations where other drivers 'tailgate' the vehicle in front to try and get the lane hogger to move over."

"Members of the public regularly tell the Road Policing Unit that lane hogging and tailgating are real problems on our roads and this conviction shows that the police and the courts understand the public's concerns and take this offence seriously."

So there you go. You've been warned. Or, indeed, you're someone who hates this driving behaviour, so replace the warning for punching the air.


  • jim
    one down - 3 million to go
  • dvdgremlin
    yes, this is about time. this type of behaviour probably causes more accidents than driving in excess of 70 on a motorway does. lorries that are speed restricted and take many miles to overtake in the middle lane should also be fined when the vehicle they are overtaking is only doing a couple of mph less than them too. Having lived in Europe I found that this ignorant and selfish behaviour happens far less on the motorways of Europe.
  • jack M.
    ^^^^ So True
  • rjt
    Yep, keep speed restricted vehicles out of the middle lane. Biggest cause of congestion on the motorways.

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