Michael O'Leary is at it again...

After promising to pipe down and, basically, stop being a jarring weiner, Michael O'Leary is at it again with his publicity stunts. Of course, these things work because, look at us, writing about it. We can't help it. It is an illness.

So what's he playing at now? Well, he's decided to dress up as Robin - Batman's mate - in a bid to tell us all about some new venture he's doing.


While in his outfit, O'Leary predicted a price war over Winter with Aer Lingus's new owner IAG, as well as telling everyone about CarTrawler, which is a new online aggregator in the car rental sector. It will apparently allow Ryanair customers to book cars through the Ryanair website.


We might as well give you the details, even though we don't want to, just in case this ends up being half-decent. Curse Michael O'Leary's fancy dress.

This new service will have a connection to over 1,500 leading and independent car rental agents at 30,000 or more airport and city locations, in 174 different countries.

"Following an extensive tender process, Ryanair is pleased to partner with CarTrawler, who offer the best conversion rate in the business, as we launch Ryanair Car Hire, offering the widest range and best value car rental service to our 103 million customers," O'Leary said.

Here's another photo of a businessman in tights and underpants, sat on a car, if you're into that sort of thing.


  • rodney
    I think they are made for each other, car trawler who own Holiday autos also have lots of complaints that are generally ignored!
  • malc
    car hire yes you will have to pay more to get in 1st and to sit in the front will cost £26.00 more
  • thefunboi
    Had the misfortune of CarTrawler this year. Booked a luxury range car and prepaid. Arrived, they didnt have one and tried to give us a Renault Clio. Eventually, after driving to another rental location, got a Vauxhall Insignia. Complained on return to be advised I would get a refund of the difference of the two car classes. 5 days, i got £5.12 Cocks.

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