Look at these stupid double yellow lines

9 July 2015

While the Tube strike causes ABSOLUTE CARNAGE on the streets of London to which everyone IS SUFFERING ENDLESSLY, that's the least of the capital's worries.

Even though we gave them all a guide to getting around London during this difficult time, there's a huge problem with London's roads.

We are, of course, talking about Clapham Junction and those who will be travelling on it in a teeny, weeny clown car. Or a Smart Car if you prefer. That's because there's the disaster waiting for them, in the shape of a six-inch stretch of road that is protected - valiantly we might add - by double yellow lines.


All hail!

That's right, on Mossbury Road, near Lavender Hill, there is, what appears to be, stupidly small double yellows. So anyone thinking of parking their unicycle there, can get bent.

This was spotted by the baffled firefighter Stewart Brown, who noted Wandsworth Council's sterling work. And, just a few yards down the same road, there's another tiny set of double yellow lines too.

Well done, to everyone concerned.


  • Dr W.
    I don't think those are even legally enforcable as they lack the end "caps".
  • samuri
    It's invalid as it has not been "end capped"
  • Mrs M.
    Isn't it an equation saying the bit of road before it is equal to the bit of road after it?

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