Learner drivers are on average even more useless

l plate Learner drivers are already clocking up penalty points before evening passing their test, a thing says.

Thousands of learners are getting points for basic speeding or red light misuse, according to a Freedom of Information request, which also reveals 54,000 L-plated types currently have points on their licences.

A third of the people surveyed believe that the driving instructor should be held more responsible for the points, especially as they're, like, supposed to be teaching people to drive properly.

Other learners have received penalty points for not having any insurance or driving carelessly.

Data from the DVLA revealed 53,988 learners with provisional licences currently have penalty points, and research by Confused.com found 60% of these are for speeding and a further 43% were for jumping a red light.

Gemma Stanbury of Confused.com said: "We’re aware that people might make mistakes along the way as they learn to drive, however practising road safety is an important part of the process, and picking up bad habits such as speeding or jumping lights before officially passing your driving test is never a good way to start."

One in three drivers were unaware that it was possible to pick up penalty points while they learn, and 40% oblivious to the realisation that if you pick up six points within your first two years of driving, they lose their licence.

And that's not good really. No one wants that.

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  • DrJogalog
    Sounds a little exaggerated to me. The points were probably received before they held a provisional or not under the tuition of a driving instructor.

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