Large used cars – WHICH! one is the best?

Say you have tons of annoying kids and you need to ferry them around all the time because they’re too young/lazy to learn to drive. You’re going to need a big car. But you can’t afford a new big car, so you have to buy a used big car. So which big used car are you going to buy?

used car

Buying a used car is usually a nightmare involving Gumtree, general dodginess and having to talk to someone who looks like Frank Butcher in a freezing car lot. So Which! has decided to take some of the awfulness out of it and tell you the best model for the job.

Generally speaking, Japanese models are most reliable, with some scoring 90% in the Which! survey. And the winner is? The Toyota Prius – that most sensible and unsexy of hybrid cars. As well as being good for the environment, it’s so reliable that it has an annual repair bill of just £14 and a breakdown rate of only 5%.

Of course, you’ll also want to know which one is the stinker. That would be the Peugeot 407, which is the least reliable in the survey. Buy one of these and you can look forward to £391 worth of annual repair bills, as well as suspension faults, bad air conditioning and braking problems. In fact, the scrap yard is too good for it.

So now you know. When the kids grow up you can get a divorce and buy a Mazerati, but until then, you can get your kicks doing donuts round the Sainsbury's car park in a used Prius. Exciting.


  • Andy P.
    But the Toyota Prius isn't a big car.
  • D00nhamer
    Maybe a new one is not so out of the question?
  • Angry S.
    French car most unreliable. Not news :-)
  • Joulupukki
  • Laura
    Anything with a decent mileage that's in a good condition with full log book, mot & service history. Can't be too picky nowaday.

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