Kiddu car seat removed from sale

28 May 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.04.50 You will have seen our report on the Kiddu Lane 123 children's car seat yesterday, where a large safety concern was highlighted. A lot of you were worried and angry by it, even if Kiddu weren't - they initially said they'd send us a report, and then decided that they couldn't be bothered.

Well, the baby seat has now been removed from sale by Tesco and Asda, and Kiddu themselves have finally decided to pull the seat and have sent it off for independent testing, according to The Mirror.

Asda said: "We have removed this car seat from sale as a precautionary measure while our supplier conducts their investigation." Tesco added: "We are investigating the concerns raised with Kiddu as a matter of urgency and have removed the product from sale as a precautionary measure."

Kiddu finally spoke about the item and said: "Product safety is our top priority and we are taking this matter very seriously."

"We have already conducted our own tests on our car seat buckles, which have indicated no fault to date. However, we have also requested that independent tests are carried out by the premier UK test authority as a matter of urgency."

"In the meantime, we have made the decision to temporarily withdraw the Kiddu Lane car seat from sale until the tests are complete."

"We would like to reassure families with a Kiddu Lane car seat that the seat has been subjected to rigorous testing and has been approved to the current European Child Safety Standard ECE R 44/04 and by the Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA) in the UK."

"However, should anyone feel concerned they can call our dedicated helpline on 0161-702-5061."

If you missed the video from the initial report, here it is.

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