Kia sat-nav maps still out of date

Kia sat nav

Swathes of drivers are frustrated with their Kia vehicles that come with in-built satellite navigation systems.

Why? Well, they've got a satnav that is out-of-date by three years, and updates from the company are not exactly forthcoming, despite promises to the contrary from Kia.

Customers have been getting in touch with the company, asking when there's going to be an update to fix the satnav problem, and many have been told that Kia are working on it, but are failing to see any solutions.

An email from Kia, shown to one customer who has been chasing this up, said: "Map updates form part of a bigger project to improve the software and functionality of the sat-nav devices within our cars."

"We were hoping that this would be available during Q1 2016, but unfortunately this has taken longer than we'd hoped."

There's a number of complaints that you can see over at the KiaOwnersClub fourm, here and here.

On there, you can see that Kia have said in 2012, that they were "developing a new way for our customers to update their integrated sat nav units, more information on this will be available early next year."

A user on the site posted: "I just went 200 miles from my home and the Satnav simply got lost. It took me round the houses and an extra 50 miles an then gave up."

"So, the maps are out of date and went looking for an update. The website said "Contact your local dealer""

"So I did that and they had NO IDES WHAT I WAS ON ABOUT. They called the area manager and were told that KIA were in negotiation with 'someone' and the matter was still unresolved. This has been the case for at least 4 months even."

"The last update was two years 'out of date' before Kia sold it so I expect this one will be the same!"

Now, according to a Kia spokesperson, not all in-built satnavs are out-of-date, so if you've bought a new one, it should be fine. They said that around 55,000 drivers in the UK have this problem, and they've only received 50-odd complaints.

It seems the problem is that the external provider of the maps chose to not make their update part of retail package in some countries.

When asked if they were going to get it sorted for their customers, the spokesperson said: "While it hasn't been agreed yet, we expect an update to be rolled out across the dealer network to customers that have been affected."

If you want to speak to Kia yourself, all their contact details are here, or you can call them on 0333 2022990.

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