Idiot crashes McLaren supercar at factory gates


Imagine you're the kind of person who can afford to buy a brand new McLaren MP4-12C supercar worth £170,000.

As it comes off the production line, your Spidey Sense tingles and you start salivating over the thought of driving at 70mph on a motorway in a car that can easily reach... oh... say... 78mph.

Then you get the news that idiots exist in the world.

That's what happened this week as some div crashed this super duper car at the factory gates, hitting a VW Passat and ending up in a hedge.

The V8-engined McLaren suffered a smashed up bonnet and knackered wheels and now mechanics are begrudgingly doing overtime to sort it out because of some idiot.

Someone's going to be processing a hefty insurance claim this week, aren't they?

In unrelated news: Jeremy Clarkson found screaming and drenched in petrified sweat in a car-shaped single bed in the Home Counties.



  • Dick
    Jesus, was the Passat OK?
  • Phil76
    Stuff that, I want an update on the hedge! Wonky Henry could have been in it!
  • Rowan A.
    Not my fault, they put the accelerator in the wrong place again.
  • KTF
    Good job Mof read the Admiral release first to discover that it was a McLaren employee on pre delivery drive at the wheel and not a customer. Oh wait...
  • Onions
    Fuck the motor - Petrified sweat? A liquid that is actually stone? Is JC the Messiah? And there's me thinking all the while Jezza stinks of putrefied sweat.
  • Gav
    Ah ha... making the news up as you go along instead of getting the facts right. Must be after a job a Sky News...
  • Josh
    Its a good job KTF understands English and can follow the article correctly... Oh wait. It's quite clear from this article that it wasn't the purchaser who smashed it up.

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